Fabric Structures Create On-Site Small Business Storage Facilities

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in 2020, the economy took a major hit. While many businesses didn’t make it through the economic downfall, a new wave of small to medium-sized companies are now hitting the market in full force.  

In July of 2020, the U.S. Census Bureau reported 551,657 new business application submissions, one of the highest monthly rates to date. May of 2021 also had a high monthly submission rate at 500,219. While there have been ebbs and flows throughout the pandemic, new monthly business applications reaching close to or over half a million are becoming more frequent. 

John Haltiwanger, an economist at the University of Maryland who works with the Census on measuring new business creation, stated in an NPR interview that “[t]he third quarter of 2020 is the highest quarter of applications [they’ve] ever seen.” 

With these growing numbers, solutions to stay organized are essential in making your business more manageable. WeatherPort® Shelter Systems (WeatherPort) provides a wide range of high-quality fabric structures used to create custom-designed storage facilities, warehouses, workshops, and garages for small businesses.

On-Site Warehouses for Small Business Storage

Whether you need a small structure, or a large warehouse for on-site storage, our fabric structures are a fast and energy-efficient building solution. 

Workshops, Welding and Fabrication Shops, and Maintenance Facilities

Custom-built structures from WeatherPort are a great building solution for quickly creating on-site workshops, welding and fabrication shops, and  maintenance facilities. Our two most popular fabric structures for these types of applications are the HGB Series (heavy gable buildings) and the DAGB Series (double truss gable buildings). 

Our HGB Series of fabric buildings features a single-arch frame system and works well as a small to medium-sized workspace for a commercial or personal workshop. They’re available in sizes up to 30′ wide and any side-wall height or length.

The DAGB Series consists of large fabric buildings. They reach widths up to 150’ and are available with any side-wall height or length. The double-arch frame system and straight side-walls allow for maximum use of space to fit inventory, large pieces of equipment, machinery, or tall vehicles.

Carports, Portable Garages, and Vehicle Storage Facilities

A company vehicle or a fleet of vehicles is a large financial investment for small businesses. Keeping vehicles out of the elements extends the life of the vehicle, decreases maintenance costs. It also helps keep vehicles clean for those impromptu and last-minute job site visits. WeatherPort custom-designs single carports, portable garages, and vehicle storage facilities using high-quality fabric structures. 

Our most popular carports and portable garages utilize our single-arch buildings — including the SQ, GB, and HGB models. These are great fabric building options for storing single or a handful of commercial vehicles. 

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Our DAGB Series features customization options for small businesses with a fleet of vehicles. An assortment of garage and metal roll-up doors to accommodate multiple vehicle bays for drive-through capability.

Multipurpose Buildings and Customization Options for Small Business Storage

WeatherPort building specialists will work with you to custom-design a fabric structure to meet your on-site storage building needs. In addition to a large selection of building models and sizes, windows, and doors, our fabric buildings can come with insulation packages. HVAC systems to create a temperature-controlled storage facility — perfect for keeping vehicles above freezing temperatures during the cold winter months. 

Perhaps you need a multipurpose storage building that offers a space for storing inventory, a vehicle loading area, and front office space? Add partitions to any WeatherPort building solution to create separate interior spaces. Our partition systems are available in soft- and hard-wall options.

We can equip our fabric buildings with lighting and electrical systems. Like our custom-built structures, we also custom-design most lighting and electrical systems for plug-and-play operation. While it may be necessary to use an electrician to connect the system to a power source, our lighting and electrical systems are capable of fast and easy installation.

If you are building a storage facility near saltwater, or a humid environment, we recommend our optional powder coating. Available in various colors, our powder coating adds a superior level of corrosion resistance to our high-strength frame systems.

In addition, every WeatherPort structure can be customized with a large selection of colors and patterns. We also provide branding and logo services to print eye-catching designs directly onto our tensioned fabric membranes. Create a truly one-of-kind storage building and promote your small business. 

Small Business Storage Cost and Space Efficiency

Renting storage space can be pricey. There are lease commitments, space limitations, and the facility probably isn’t next-door to your business, so travel time and distance can also be a costly burden. 

Assemble your WeatherPort’s storage solutions on your business site or wherever works best for your storage needs. Install on virtually any level surface, including dirt, gravel, and sand as well as concrete foundations, pilings, and footers. Compared to traditional building systems, WeatherPorts require less site preparation.

Our on-site storage buildings are highly portable. We use high-strength, lightweight aluminum or galvanized steel frame system. Their design allows you to easily take down your structures and relocate them as your needs change. 

Fabric buildings from WeatherPort offer a reduced construction schedule compared to other prefabricated buildings, saving you time and money.

If you’re concerned about maintenance costs, our fabric building systems are engineered for long-lasting durability. Additionally, our tensioned fabric membranes offer a higher abrasion resistance. Our PE- or PVC-based fabrics are also UV-stabilized for prolonged exposure to high solar loads, will not rot, and are mold- and mildew-resistant. Our fabric buildings can meet the fire safety requirements outlined in the California Code of Regulations.

Investing in a high-quality fabric structure allows you to spend more time focused on growing your business, not building upkeep. 

Let’s Discuss Using Fabric Structures for Your Small Business Storage

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