Engineered Dome Structures

WeatherPort® fabric dome structures offer unmatched protection from the elements utilizing architectural membranes tensioned over high-strength metal frame systems. All our dome structures are free standing with an open span interior, maximizing use of the interior space for off-grid living, homes, classrooms, churches and places of worship, material or bulk storage, warehouses, sports complexes and recreation facilities, pool enclosures, event structures, and raceway covers and pond enclosures for fish hatcheries, to name a few. The possibilities and uses of a dome structure from WeatherPort are near endless.

WeatherPort fabric domes are custom designed to our customer’s specification. Our design and engineering team will work with you or your project manager(s) to design and engineer a dome structure capable of meeting the wind and snow loads for your area. With a minimal foundation requirement, a WeatherPort dome structure can be installed on virtually any level surface. We provide anchoring solutions to ensure the safety of all our fabric building systems, protecting workers, guests, equipment, and materials in the most extreme climates around the world. Since opening our doors in 1968, our dome structures have been used in more than 85 countries!

We built upon the simplistic strength of a geodesic dome and combined the the latest engineering concepts and best Made-in-America manufacturing capabilities. These design choices modernize the dome concept to the next level! In addition to being an engineered structure for safety, requiring a minimal foundation, we engineered the WeatherPort dome structure for portability and fast installation. Investing in a WeatherPort dome structure is a decision that will provide decades worth of use, and drastically reduce construction times and cost.

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Custom Design a Dome Structure

Upon determining the dimensions needed to meet the requirements of your dome project, a WeatherPort building specialist will help you design a building system that is comfortable and inviting, provides the needed access points, or creates a building system that is energy efficient and provides an economic advantage over buildings made using typical construction methods.

WeatherPort dome structures can be customized with a large selection of windows, doors, skylights, see-thru domes, lighting and electrical systems, insulation packages (capable of meeting any R-Value), HVAC, and flooring systems. We manufacture many of these systems, and as such, have created ruggedly durable accessories and support systems that integrate seamlessly with our dome structures.

In addition to custom designing a dome structure with a large selection of accessories and supplemental systems, we provide our customers with an unmatched ability to customize the look of their dome structure. Choose from a wide range of fabric colors and patterns to either blend in with the natural surroundings, standout and be eye-catching, or match the color scheme of existing infrastructure. The following standard fabric colors include:

Don’t see a fabric color that works for your dome project? Contact us to discuss your color requirement. Specialty fabric colors are available upon request.

In addition to choosing the fabric color, we provide guests with the option to powder coat the metal frame system of their dome structure in different colors. This additional layer of protection prevents oxidation, rust, and corrosion from chemicals, sea spray, or humidity while improving the interior aesthetics. Choose from the following powder coating colors below.

Add logos, custom designs, or messaging to your dome structure! In addition to the choosing the color of a dome structure, we offer the ability to print directly onto our tensioned fabric membranes. WeatherPort is one of a couple companies in the United States with the high-end large format printing machines capable of performing such a complex task. Our printing machines are capable of printing in full color (including white), in near magazine print quality to create stunning graphics perfect for events, promotions, and trade shows.

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