Gable Buildings – Rugged Fabric Buildings with Straight Side Walls

The ruggedly classic design of arch-style fabric buildings and canvas wall tents give way to a new generation of tensioned fabric buildings with straight side walls. The GB Series from WeatherPort® utilizes the latest engineering principles, the highest quality materials, and more than five decades worth of proven manufacturing excellence to create the longest lasting gable-style fabric building available.

When we set out to create the ultimate portable building system, we asked a diverse group of previous customers – individuals, hunters, guide outfitters, golf courses, ski lodges and ski resorts, car dealerships, port facilities, small business owners, and camp operators to name a few, for input on designing the next generation of premier portable buildings. We received a resounding response asking for a straight-wall shelter system that offered the same level of portability, fast and easy set up, rugged durability, and craftsmanship found in our other fabric building systems.

Since opening our doors in 1968, the WeatherPort team has strived to create customizable building solutions engineered to meet the wind and snow loads of any location in the world. The GB Series of fabric buildings exemplifies this continued pursuit and has earned us the reputation of being the leaders in the fabric building industry.

Available in high-strength galvanized steel or lightweight and aircraft grade aluminum, the single-arch frame systems of the GB Series are designed for portability. Engineered with a minimum tool and foundation requirement, the GB Series employs a revolutionary shelter design that allows for a fast set up on virtually any level surface. Our architectural fabric membranes are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions – be it year-round exposure to extreme heat and high solar loads like those found in a desert climate, or enduring the bone-chilling cold and high winds of Antarctica.

Working with a WeatherPort building specialist, customize your GB Series structure(s) with a large selection of sizes, windows, doors, plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems, HVAC, insulation packages (capable of meeting any R-Value), and flooring systems. Contact us today by calling (970) 399-5909 or requesting a free consultation by clicking the button below to discuss your upcoming building project!

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A Straight Wall Fabric Building for Every Application

The GB Series is available in widths from 8’ to 20’, with a standard eave height of 5’ and can be customized to any length to meet the needs of your building or camp project. Custom eave heights are available for building projects that require additional side wall height or clearance.

Since its development, tens of thousands of customers have custom designed, purchased, and used their GB Series in more than 85 countries. The diverse range of building applications the GB Series is capable of fulfilling is a testament to its rugged versatility and unmatched customization options. Below are the most popular uses of the WeatherPort GB Series of fabric buildings.

  • Warm- and cold-weather camp facilities
  • Fly-in camps
  • Dormitory and sleeping shelters
  • Field offices
  • Dining and kitchen facilities
  • Bathroom buildings and shower facilities
  • Recreation facilities
  • On-site warehousing and cold storage facilities
  • Core storage and core logging facilities
  • Research laboratories
  • Emergency and survival shelters
  • Vehicle and equipment storage facilities, garages, and carports
  • Boat and RV storage facilities
  • Maintenance, repair, and workshop facilities
  • Ski resort and ski lodge facilities including start gates and warming huts
  • Film sets and film support facilities
  • Fish hatcheries and raceway covers
  • Greenhouse kits, backyard greenhouses, nurseries for retailers and growers
  • Poolside shelters and pool enclosures
  • Private cabins, vacation homes, and tiny homes
  • Classrooms and modular classrooms
  • Hunting and fishing shelters
  • Camps for eco-adventure and wilderness resorts
  • Hopper enclosures
  • Wash, detail, and delivery facilities for car dealerships

Don’t see an application, or thinking of using the GB Series for another purpose? It’s very likely we have provided a GB Series of fabric structure, custom designed for a similar purpose. With more than 50 years under our belts, we have provided engineered fabric structures for nearly every application imaginable. Have a new idea or potential use? Contact us today and tell us how you would use a GB Series structure and how we can customize it to meet your exact needs.

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Let us help design the ultimate outdoor structure for your upcoming building project by contacting us today! The GB Series can be customized to meet the needs of every small to mid-size building requirement. Choose from a wide selection of fabric colors, patterns, and logo or design printing services to create a building system that stands out or blends in beautiful with the natural surroundings. A friendly WeatherPort building specialist will guide you through the design process and be able to provide a price quote based on the level of engineering and options required.

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