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It goes beyond engineering the highest quality fabric buildings.

WeatherPort® makes the best fabric buildings in the world. We offer a unique and personal approach to providing engineered fabric structures.

We use field-tested designs, the latest engineering principles and techniques utilizing current IBC codes to ensure safety, manufacture using the highest quality materials for longevity, and approach each building requirement as an opportunity that deserves personal attention.

Our fabric building specialists invest in our customers by taking the time to fully understand the building needs and specific challenges the tensioned fabric structure must endure before proposing a building solution. We have followed this successful business model for decades. Tens of thousands of customers in over 85 countries around the world have been successfully served over decades of providing engineered fabric structures.

It is a true testament to the WeatherPort difference in providing value, and the reason for unrivaled customer loyalty that spans decades of use.

It isn’t just the personal attention we dedicate to each fabric building or camp system project or our ability to engineer the world’s most capable and long-lasting tensioned fabric structures. At the heart of the business is a rock-solid foundation of all-star employees based in Colorado with an affinity and love for the great outdoors.

Since 1968, when WeatherPort founder Clayton H. “Sweede” Hansen first created a structure to protect his vehicles from the harsh winter weather of Gunnison, Colorado, the dedicated team at WeatherPort has continued the legacy of engineering fabric buildings that work better than any other building systems on the market.

In the beginning, we were Hansen-WeatherPort Corp., a local company focused on creating fabric shelters for use in Colorado. Alaska Structures®CEO and founder of the Hotes Foundation, Richard Hotes purchased WeatherPort, renaming it WeatherPort® LLC. Mr. Hotes provided leadership to make many improvements to take us from an already good company with an amazing fabric building system to a great company.

Quite literally, overnight changes included:

  • Further improving upon the design of our rugged fabric buildings.
  • Increasing and diversifying the range of applications our fabric building systems can be used for.
  • Streamlining our already impressive production capability to be able to offer customers even shorter production times with lean manufacturing, drastically reducing waste to become more environmentally friendly.
  • Working with the entire management team, providing leadership to improve effectiveness and team cohesion, both of which directly impact and ensure our customers have a consistently positive experience.

Now a consumer- and recreational-focused product line of Alaska Structures, WeatherPort continues its long history of providing innovative and high-quality fabric shelters.

An important principle shared by both Sweede Hansen and Richard Hotes is to employ hard-working Americans and maintain complete ownership of the design, engineering, and manufacturing processes to guarantee the highest quality and standards for our fabric buildings.

For more than 50 years, WeatherPort has remained true to this decision and remains headquartered in the great state of Colorado. Our success isn’t an accident. People, companies, and government agencies around the world that value quality and experience choose WeatherPort.

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