Some claim a rainy wedding day is a bad omen, while others swear it signifies good luck. In reality, any wedding day’s success hinges on careful preparation and room for flexibility, especially in the case of outdoor ceremonies and receptions which are susceptible to uncooperative weather. When you plan and invest in a WeatherPort® event structure, you can simultaneously enjoy the ambience of an outdoor wedding or party alongside the comfort and reliability of an indoor event. Simply browse our extensive catalogue of tensioned fabric structures and select or customize the building design that meets your aesthetic and functionality preferences.

Whether you need a small outdoor canopy for an intimate ceremony, a large event structure for a reception with a long guest list, or a series of shelters for multiple event booths or seating areas, all WeatherPort fabric structures are constructed with the highest quality fabric membranes and high-strength framing systems, providing a much safer and longer lasting building solution compared to the typical party tent or pop-up canopies. Our easy-to-assemble event structures can be securely anchored to ground surfaces from lawns to concrete for unprecedented stability, even in strong wind gusts, snow and ice, or heavy rains.

Inside your fabric WeatherPort event structure, you and your guests can enjoy the festivities, while safely sheltered from the inhospitable weather of any season. Anticipating extreme heat during an outdoor summer wedding? Our wedding and event structures block harmful UV rays and create a shaded area for relief from high temperatures. Planning a winter wedding? Or an outdoor party during a season or region with unpredictable weather and prone to fluctuations? No problem! Rely on our nearly 50-plus years of providing the longest-lasting event structures for outdoor events, weddings, and parties! Request a consultation to receive a quote for your upcoming outdoor event, or contact us at 970-399-5909 to purchase an engineered fabric structure for your upcoming outdoor event.

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WeatherPort understands the importance of safety to you and your guests during outdoor weddings and special events. An outdoor event structure must be safe to use, withstand the weather of your particular area, but also look good! Among the many customization options we offer, our tensioned fabric structures can be personalized and custom designed with your choice of building styles, a wide selection of fabric colors, color patterns, graphics and logo printing, lighting and electrical systems, and more. If additional privacy or protection from the weather is desired, our custom designed event structures can also include design elements such as decorative side curtains, screens, as well as end panels with a wide selection of doors and windows.

Unlike the few options offered by using cheap party tents, the options for custom designing an event structure from WeatherPort are virtually endless.

WeatherPort event structures are engineered to be user-friendly throughout the setup and take down process. An engineered event structure that offers portability allows you to move the party between locations and access available outdoor destinations that lack sheltered areas. The convenience of a fast setup and versatility found in standard party tents is outmatched when you combine those benefits with the superior durability of a WeatherPort outdoor structure. When it comes to planning your next outdoor event or outdoor wedding, investing in a WeatherPort outdoor structure is the wise choice! After the event is over, continue to use your WeatherPort as a covered outdoor area to entertain, or repurpose and use for other needs.

Professional event planners, destination resorts, and upscale venues, wishing to provide clients or guests with luxury accommodations while entertaining outdoors, will benefit from our extensive product lifespans. Whether used seasonally, as needed for scheduled outdoor events, or setup and left up year-round, the ability to repurpose a WeatherPort event structure to meet the needs of different clients and functions is unrivaled.

Ready to design a wedding tent? Or are you wanting to discuss your year-round outdoor event space? A friendly WeatherPort would be glad to assist and discuss the options with you! Request a consultation or call us at 970-399-5909.
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WeatherPort event structures provide many benefits over typical party tents and are a must-have for any outdoor event, including:

  • Wedding ceremonies
  • Wedding receptions
  • Special events
  • Outdoor events
  • Graduations
  • Overflow seating
  • Corporate parties
  • Family reunions
  • Outdoor dining
  • Beer gardens

Each one of our fabric buildings is designed to meet the special requirements of your next outdoor event, each offering exceptional durability and safety. For weddings and parties, start by browsing our Canopy and Jubilee series. These event structures are designed specifically for outdoor events. We offer three canopy solutions, which include:

  • The WeatherPort Canopy – a four-sided canopy is available in the following sizes: 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 15’, 10’ x 20’, 12’ x 12’, 16’ x 16’, and 20’ x 20’
  • The WeatherPort Hexapae – a six-sided canopy is available in the following sizes: 16’ or 30’ diameters.
  • The WeatherPort Octopae provides an increasingly larger coverage based on your desired occupancy, and is available in the following sizes: 35’ or 40’ diameters.

The Jubilee series is the perfect event structure for hosting larger outdoor weddings, parties, and other events requiring ample space for guests, dance floors, serving areas, and equipment. The Jubilee series is available in the following widths: 15’, 16’, 20’, 21’, 26’, 30’, 35’ and 40’. The Jubilee series event structure can be custom designed to any length, in increments of 10’.


Planning an outdoor wedding, party, or special event can be a stressful task. An outdoor venue can add several potential obstacles. Don’t let the event’s success be dependent on the mercy of the weather. Use a WeatherPort event structure to create a beautiful and protected covered outdoor space for you and guests to enjoy!

No matter your event structure of choice, a friendly WeatherPort building specialist is available to work with you to develop a custom-building solution for your next event. Contact us today!

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