Not all work can be done from a cubicle. Sometimes your startup grows faster than your leased office space allows, and you need a temporary extension to keep operations running smoothly. Or, you may need to move your whole team out into the field to run registration and analysis for the event you’ve spent the last year preparing for. Regardless of your location, WeatherPort Shelter Systems™ can be used to create an office space to keep your business running without the hassle of re-negotiating your lease or finding a new office space when you’re in a time crunch.

Whether you’re bringing your whole staff into the field, need additional space for an expansion project, or a temporary office solution for renovations, mobile and modular offices from WeatherPort are a versatile and durable building solution to meet your specific office requirements. Our easy to build, reliable, and engineered structures will offer you weatherproof protection and office space wherever you need it.

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Our engineered fabric structures are designed for extreme weather, so no matter what the conditions are like outside, mobile offices from WeatherPort will provide a safe refuge to help keep your business running, as well as protect personnel and equipment. Since opening our doors in 1968, WeatherPort has engineered, produced, and delivered fabric building solutions to more than 65 countries around the world, and to some of the most remote places. In our 50 years being in business, we have successfully tested and continually improve upon our building designs and materials so come rain or shine, our engineered fabric structures will withstand the elements.

Our mobile and modular offices can be equipped with plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems, heated or cooled to provide a comfortable interior office space, and insulated with a large selection of proprietary insulation systems capable of meeting any R-value to drastically increase energy efficiency. Customize your office building by choosing from different models, mobile offices available in custom sizes, as well as the ability to determine the number and kinds of windows and doors. We offer in-house printing directly to our tensioned membranes, allowing organizations to create field offices, job site offices, remote offices, or expand their office space with custom logos, artwork, and designs. We have a large selection of fabric colors and patterns to choose from, to either create a mobile office that stands out or matches your existing infrastructure.

The following are the biggest advantages for choosing a mobile office from WeatherPort compared to office trailers:

  • Low weight and cube for lower transportation costs
  • Minimal tool and foundation requirement
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Ability to setup permanently or temporarily
  • Reusable and easily relocated

Want more information about a WeatherPort mobile office? Speak with a friendly WeatherPort building specialist by requesting a free consultation using the button below, our online form, or calling us at 970-399-5909!

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Our goal is to create the perfect office space for your business or field staff to thrive, regardless of the outside weather conditions. WeatherPort modular offices can serve a number of purposes. Some common uses include:

  • Temporary office space
  • Construction site offices
  • Remote or field offices
  • Fair and carnival offices
  • Outdoor event offices
  • Office expansion or office space for building renovation projects
  • Event check-in and registration offices
  • Races and marathons
  • Sporting event office space

Below are our most popular building models used for mobile offices.

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The SQ Series from WeatherPort is a renowned structure known for its rounded ‘Quonset’ style design. Unlike Quonset huts of year’s past, a WeatherPort SQ Series incorporates cutting edge materials, technology, and design to facilitate rapid setup and takedown, energy efficiency, and unmatched customization to create mobile office spaces capable of meeting the unique needs of our customers. The SQ Series is available in widths from 15’ to 30’ and can be ordered to any length.
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The GB Series takes fabric membrane structures to the next level. Built with heavy-duty frames, long-lasting tensioned fabric membranes, and a near endless number of customization options, they’re a great choice for creating office spaces in areas with extreme weather. The GB Series is known for its straight wall design, allowing businesses, field staff, researchers to maximize the interior floor space. The GB Series is engineered for rapid installation and portability. It is available in widths from 8’ to 20’ wide, and can be customized with different eave heights and length.
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Our Heavy Gable Building (HGB) Series is designed for virtually any environment. Available up to 30’ wide and customizable to any length, the HGB Series is ideal for small-to-medium sized mobile and modular offices. Enjoy all the conveniences of a typical office building with the added benefits of portability, rapid setup, relocatability, and complete customization to meet the needs of your business.
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The Double Arch Gable Building (DAGB) Series is the most advanced large fabric structure design on the market. The DAGB Series showcases WeatherPort’s ability to engineer and produce large, durable, and easy-to-install buildings. The DAGB Series is available in widths up to 150 feet wide, and can be customized to different eave heights, and to any length – making it a great choice for requirements calling for large office spaces, multi-use office space, or a combination of office space and production space.
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Whether you are looking for a small 4-person field office for research or need a 500-person modular office solution, complete with hard-wall systems, conference rooms, break rooms, locker room, as well as a 30,000 square-foot production area, rely on our 50 years of proven excellence! A friendly WeatherPort building specialist will assist you with all stages of planning and discussing your office space requirement.

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