Advantages of Fabric Convention Centers and Exhibit Halls

From wedding shows, aviation expos, to niche interests like cannabis cultivation conferences, most commercial industries host conventions and expos to showcase the latest products, systems, and technologies to grow related businesses. These events are often hosted at state convention centers and event halls, but there are some great advantages to using portable tensioned fabric convention halls as an alternative.

Fabric structures are an ideal building solution for convention centers and exhibit halls, with significant savings on build costs as compared with traditional buildings. Tensioned fabric convention centers are far easier and faster to assemble, reducing the preparation time necessary to launch a large scale event. Traditional buildings mandate longer construction times, and their permanence can bring costly expenses for maintenance when they go unused. The materials and engineering of tensioned membrane structures also makes them highly portable for an added advantage. With a fabric hall structure, conventions can move from place to place with rapid setup at virtually any location.

WeatherPort® Shelter Systems is the leading provider of engineered fabric structures for a wide range of applications across a variety of industries, including commercial retail facilities such as convention centers or exhibit halls. Convention centers and exhibit halls often house large stages and structures that extend beyond what average event tents offer for vertical space. The specially designed open span interior architecture of WeatherPort structures allows for maximum capacity, which is important for some events that have internal structures necessitating more usable vertical space.

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Customizable Convention Centers and Exhibit Halls

With a near-limitless array of options for sizing, colors, branding, as well as a comprehensive selection of add-on systems and features, our tensioned fabric convention centers are exceedingly customizable. The additional functions available make WeatherPort’s structures uniquely suitable for a wide range of purposes and applications for convention centers and/or exhibit hall facilities. Our custom designed commercial retail facilities are ideal for the following:

  • Entertainment Facilities
  • Special Events Venues
  • Amphitheaters
  • Lounges and Nightclubs
  • Casinos
  • Dining Facilities and Restaurants
  • Hospitality Rooms
  • Covered Parking

Since they are available up to 150 feet wide and to any length, our DAGB Series great truss gable buildings are ideal for large scale exhibit halls and convention centers. This structure system is particularly suitable for large events, with the engineering necessary to assure safety as well as provide a functional and expansive interior. Every structure is engineered to meet international and/or local building codes, for extreme strength and stability. Our building specialists will work directly with you or your project management team to ensure your WeatherPort system is exactly the convention center or exhibit hall that you need.

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Energy-Efficient Convention Centers and Exhibit Halls with WeatherPort

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fabrics and galvanized steel framing are the primary materials used for constructing a WeatherPort structure for convention centers or exhibit halls. We can also manufacture structures with aluminum framing for more lightweight and/or temporary building solutions. These materials are not only incredibly strong and long-lasting, they also offer increased energy efficiency as compared with traditional brick-and-mortar buildings.

Our building solutions last longer and require less ongoing maintenance than traditional building systems, therefore reducing the overall cost of ownership. WeatherPort structures are designed and engineered to withstand decades of use, even in extreme climates with high winds, heavy snow loads, high solar loads (UV exposure), and temperatures ranging from minus-80 degrees to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. This unmatched durability and longevity can be attributed to several factors, including the high quality of materials used in the production of our fabric building systems. Being as we engineer and produce all the components of our structures in-house, we also control the entire manufacturing process, ensuring each WeatherPort building produced adheres to our strict quality control policies and procedures. Lastly, a dedicated team that is focused on the fine details, using the latest engineering principles, combined with 50-plus years of proven experience, crafts a building system designed to provide our customers an unmatched level of safety.

Any WeatherPort fabric structure can be insulated to maintain a comfortable interior and reduce energy costs. Our proprietary insulation systems are designed for both hot and cold climates, and are available to any R-value. So, no matter how low the outside temperatures drops, exhibitors and show attendees will be kept safe and comfortable in a WeatherPort convention center or exhibit hall. Our fabric buildings can also be designed with energy efficient HVAC and ventilation systems.

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When you choose WeatherPort for your custom convention center or exhibit hall needs, you can rely on our 50-plus years of proven expertise. Our engineered fabric buildings have been used and tested by thousands of customers, over decades of use, around the world for trade shows, exhibit halls, and convention centers of all sizes. The durability, longevity, strength, ability to easily relocate, and energy saving performance of our fabric building systems is unrivaled. Contact us today to custom design a WeatherPort fabric building for your next trade show, convention center, or exhibit hall requirement!

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