Whether you operate an outdoor adventure camp, a luxury wilderness resort, a fishing camp during the summer, or own campgrounds, guests feel better, enjoy camping, and want to camp longer when they have access to nice shower and restroom facilities.

Unless you are one of those types that carry a shovel and a roll of toilet paper with you after enjoying a big steaming cup of coffee in the morning, while reminiscing of all the not-so-healthy food you scarfed down the night before while sitting around the campfire – when nature calls, the last thing you want to do is walk briskly clear across the campground! Next to sleeping on the ground, the lack of nearby or nice restroom and shower facilities, is the reason why so many prefer to stay in cabins or yurts, or stay home and enjoy a staycation!

And just like the relief that one gets after carefully plucking the last square of toilet paper off the roll, realizing there is a spare roll of toilet paper within arm’s reach… when staying at a campground, having nearby bathroom and shower facilities is a necessity.

WeatherPort® custom designs fabric buildings for every aspect of camping, including campground restroom buildings and shower facilities! Since 1968, we have designed and manufactured complete camp systems for adventure companies, guide outfitters, luxury resorts, scientific expeditions, educational institutions, as well as personal use. All our fabric buildings are engineered to meet local building codes for safety and made in the U.S.A with the highest quality materials to produce the longest lasting structures for campgrounds!

WeatherPort fabric structures are easy and fast to setup, providing campground owners an immediate solution for increasing the number of restroom and shower facilities for guests to enjoy. So regardless of what Mother Nature conjures, or when nature decides to call, you won’t have guests worried or wondering where they can go!

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By design, WeatherPort shower facilities and restroom buildings cater to a variety of needs, including portability! Whether you’re looking for a small, portable enclosure that ensures guest privacy at your camp or fully equipped and customized short or long-term campground structures to maintain hygiene for hundreds of campers at a time, we can build what you need. Our frames are made of heavy-duty galvanized steel or lightweight aluminum – both ensuring strength and longevity without losing portability or the capacity for rapid setup. The materials benefits are twofold: they’re engineered to last and they’re easy to setup, take down, and transport.

Once installed, WeatherPort restroom buildings and shower facilities for campgrounds are virtually maintenance free. Unlike wooden structures or portable trailers that require constant upkeep to remain operational, our tensioned fabric membranes are engineered to resist mold and mildew, will not rot, exceeds the fire safety rating outlined by the California Code of Regulations (CCR) for membrane structures, is UV stabilized to withstand high amounts of sun exposure, and with a minimal foundation requirement, can be setup and anchored directly into the ground or onto any level surface. Saving you construction costs and time.


Keep things at your campground running smoothly and campground guests happy with a WeatherPort shower and restroom building! Our fabric buildings can be configured with any assortment of windows, doors, fans, HVAC, insulation, lighting and electrical systems, plumbing, as well as soft and hard walls partitions to create separate or private restroom and shower facilities. Reduce energy usage by designing your campground restroom building or shower facility with WeatherPort’s skylight material! Our skylight material diffuses sunlight to produce a soft but bright glow during the day, reducing energy usage and costs, and unlike the guy with the shovel and the roll of toilet paper – also helps reduce environmental impact!

The following WeatherPort building models are our most popular structures used by campgrounds and camp operators for showers and restroom facilities!

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The SQ Series is WeatherPort’s modern adaptation of the Quonset-hut. Very popular with adventure camps and guide outfitting companies, the WeatherPort SQ Series structure is available in widths from 15’ to 30’ and to any length. The rounded arch styling of our modern SQ Series is designed for rapid set up and take down, offers an unobstructed free-span interior, and can be equipped with any level of accommodations for your campground or guests to enjoy!

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The WeatherPort GB Series takes fabric membrane structures to the next level! Campground owners wanting a straight-wall building solution but also enjoy the benefits of an engineered fabric building can get the best of both worlds! The GB Series structures are designed for rapid set up and portability. Available in widths from 8’ to 20’, adjustable to any height, and to any length, means shower and restroom equipment can be placed and configured as needed to maximize use of space and provide guests with comfortable and inviting restroom and shower facilities!

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Engineered for safe use in any climate, our heavy gable building (HGB) series offers unrivaled durability and strength. Designed for portability, the HGB Series offers campgrounds and camp operators a versatile building solution with widths from 15’ to 30’, to any height, and to any length. With the ability to be securely anchored to any surface, the HGB Series can be customized to provide camp site or campground guests with restroom or shower accommodations in any location!

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Need a larger bathroom building for your campground? We can engineer and custom design fabric buildings up to 150’ wide! Call us at 970-399-5909 to discuss your campground structure needs! Or use the button below to request a consultation!

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Perhaps your luxury wilderness resort, fishing camp, or campground can use a little ‘freshening up’ with brand new bathroom buildings or shower facilities from WeatherPort! Available in a myriad of colors, color patterns, and with the ability to print logos, signage, or graphics directly onto our tensioned fabric membranes, we give campground owners and operators the ability to design a bathroom facility or shower building that stands out, matches existing infrastructure color schemes, or blends in with the surrounding natural landscape.

We understand as a campground owner or camp operator, you need to be focused on business, while providing guests a place to take care of business. Let WeatherPort help! Utilize our 50-plus years of proven excellence to provide you with beautiful and modern bathroom buildings and shower facilities! Contact us today!

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