Many outdoor events are scheduled to take place rain or shine, from multi-day music festivals to afternoon rallies, daylong lecture series, and evening theater performances under the stars. When so much time, energy, and finances have been spent preparing for and anticipating an outdoor production, event planners and staff can’t allow a bout of adverse weather to unravel their efforts. But if you’re underprepared when cold, wet, or windy conditions strike, chaos can ensue as expensive electronic equipment is damaged, performers’ safety is threatened, and ticket holders head home and demand refunds.

If you’re facilitating an outdoor performance, make sure all your bases are covered — start by covering the stage with an engineered fabric building. WeatherPort® custom design and engineers a comprehensive line of tensioned membrane stage covers using the highest quality tensioned membranes, which boasts superior weather-resistant performance when compared to similar stretch fabric stage covers. Each model in our series of eight building types can be set up and left in place as a permanent stage cover for year-round use, or easily taken down seasonally, or when the stage lights go down and it’s time to hit the next stop on a tour, your WeatherPort stage cover can be part of your tour equipment.

Your WeatherPort liberates you to consider outdoor venues that may otherwise be off the table due to unpredictable weather conditions. Forests, deserts, beaches, and natural environments can often provide the most worthwhile settings for truly unforgettable festivals, outdoor concerts, and outdoor events. A WeatherPort stage cover can mitigate the traditional man vs. nature struggle and ensure a safe and successful experience.

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Extremely versatile, WeatherPort stage covers features sturdy, high-performance tensioned fabric over a rugged, high-strength galvanized steel or aircraft-grade aluminum frame structure for reliable shelter under mild to severe weather conditions. Optional powder-coating offers additional protection from rust, salt, humidity, and other environmental processes, adding years to our structures’ already extensive lifespans. Trust WeatherPort’s high-grade materials to protect valuable owned or rented stage equipment such as instruments, audio and video gear, lighting and video systems, and more.

Anchor your WeatherPort to virtually any surface, including turf fields, paved lots, concrete and asphalt fairgrounds, wooden platforms, rock, dirt, gravel, sand, or whatever groundcover your venue of choice presents. An array of sizes can accommodate requests for large stage covers and small stage covers for more intimate performances. We offer stage covers for small bands, large orchestras, speaker systems, and theatrical production sets and cast members. No matter the structure size or attendance volume, every structure is secure in the face of high winds, rain, snow, ice, and extreme hot and cold temperatures. Hosting a winter event or performance? Our engineers can tailor your stage cover to be heater-friendly for maximum performer comfort.

Additional customization options allow customers to select their preferred color schemes, include branded logos or graphics to identify individual stages and maintain a cohesive visual theme, add side curtains, and can include a wide assortment of end panels for protection from adverse weather conditions. Select a base model and customize as desired, or browse our default buildings and choose the one that meets your unique event needs.

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Tens of thousands of customers around the world have relied on WeatherPort stage covers for the following applications:

  • Outdoor concerts and live performances
  • Outdoor festivals
  • Outdoor film events
  • DJ stages and covered outdoor dance floors
  • Outdoor orchestra concerts
  • Theater, shows, and musical tours
  • Weddings, outdoor reunions, birthdays, and other outdoor celebrations
  • Outdoor lectures and conferences

Our Canopy and Jubilee series offer pre-designed and customizable configurations that are especially well-suited for extended use as heavy-duty fabric stage covers. The WeatherPort Canopy is the most rugged outdoor canopy structure available. Engineered for rapid set up and take down, the four-sided Canopy series offers an unmatched level of protection for small stages, ranging in size from 10’ x 10’ canopy to 20’ x 20’ canopy sizes. The unique shape, branding and promotional opportunities, ability to customize, and unrivaled durability of the WeatherPort Canopy make it a long-lasting and ideal stage cover for any resort, film festival, or touring band.

Need a larger canopy structure to cover a stage? WeatherPort designs and engineers as assortment of other building sizes and shapes, including the six-sided Hexapae and 8-sided Octapae canopy models!

For larger-scale productions, our Jubilee series is capable of covering stages up to 24’ wide and to any length. Optional side curtains and end panels can enclose the Jubilee stage cover to provide protection in adverse weather conditions.

Do you have a stage that requires a large stage cover (more than 24’ wide)? WeatherPort custom designs stage covers up to 150’ wide, to any height, and to any length. Click below to request more information about our WeatherPort’s complete building lineup or to speak with a stage cover specialist, call us at 970-399-5909!

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A tensioned fabric stage cover acts as insurance for any outdoor event. Come rain or come shine, the show must go on, and WeatherPort is here to ensure it does so in the safest manner possible. For more than 50 years, we’ve partnered with event planners, performers, and movers and shakers of all backgrounds to make the outdoors more accessible and enjoyable for everyone — all while engineering and designing stage covers with a low environmental impact.

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