Luxury Heavy-Duty Event Structures for Any Outdoor Event

WeatherPort® is the premier manufacture of luxury and heavy-duty event structures for outdoor events! Made with industrial strength tensioned membranes and high-strength frame systems, the Jubilee Series raises the level of any event with its beautiful, customizable, and aesthetically pleasing design. The Jubilee Series is the result of five-plus decades of proven design, engineering, unmatched quality, and excellence. We have taken all the aspects that make our engineered fabric buildings such an amazing success to design and produce the most durable and longest-lasting event structures on the market.

Available in the following widths: 15’, 16’, 20’, 21’, 26’, 30’, 35’ and 40’, the Jubilee Series is a great solution for resort owners, outdoor and wedding venues, amphitheaters or open-air stages, party rental companies, party planners, businesses, or individuals. Whether you are looking for a small event structure with a seating capacity of 25 to 50 people, or need a large event structure capable of seating 300 to 2,000 people, the design of the WeatherPort Jubilee allows for complete customization to accommodate small and intimate parties to large wedding parties with space for dining, entertainment, and dancing. The open-ended design and arched side openings allow guests to enjoy the beautiful surroundings or can be enclosed using any combination of our end panel and side curtain systems to create a private event protected from the weather.

All WeatherPort fabric buildings are engineered to meet the wind and snow loads for your specific area, ensuring guests will be kept safe should the weather quickly turn for the worse, or if you wish to use your Jubilee for outdoor events all year long. Unlike cheap party tents, our architectural membranes can endure prolonged exposure to high solar (UV) loads, hot and cold temperatures, strong winds, rain, and heavy snow to create a weatherproof event structure that will last decades. For seasonal or temporary applications, the Jubilee event structure can be safely installed in a fraction of the time compared to other party tents, as well as saving you time and money with the Jubilee’s minimal foundation requirement. After the festivities, the Jubilee structure is easily taken down and stored for your next outdoor event.

A great deal of thought and attention went into the development of the Jubilee Series to create the ultimate outdoor event structure. All WeatherPort Jubilee event structures are custom designed, engineered, and made in the USA by hard working Americans. Contact us today by calling (970) 399-5909 or clicking the button below for a free design consultation. A friendly WeatherPort building specialist will assist you with designing the perfect event structure!

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An Event Structure for an Endless World of Possibilities

The Jubilee Series has been used in more than 85 countries for nearly every type of outdoor event and use imaginable. The diverse range of applications, adaptability, versatility, and ease of use of the Jubilee event structure is unrivaled in the party tent market. Below are popular uses for the WeatherPort Jubilee:

  • Luxury wedding tents and outdoor wedding tents
  • Large commercial event tents and promotional structures
  • Indoor or outdoor trade show structures and displays
  • Outdoor kitchens, dining and living areas
  • Festival tents
  • Marquee tents for rent
  • Special event structures
  • Family reunions and gatherings
  • Sun shade structures and playground covers
  • Stage covers for outdoor theaters and amphitheaters
  • Picnic area shelters for campgrounds and resorts
  • Poolside shelters and pool enclosures
  • Retail and rental shops
  • Airport terminals and walkway enclosures
  • Train and bus terminals
  • Theme park and amusement park queue line covers
  • Outdoor break shelters
  • Vehicle repair shelters
  • Carports, truck, trailer, RV, ATV enclosures
  • River rafting and boat storage facilities
  • Livestock pens and covered feeding stations
  • Beach cabanas
  • Golf cart storage facilities
  • Tow rope enclosures and ski lift enclosures
  • Drydock covers
  • Outdoor seating and covered seating
  • Beer gardens and outside wine tasting enclosures

Create a Private Event Structure with End Panels and Side Curtains

The WeatherPort Jubilee is an amazing outdoor event structure! We offer a complete line of end panels and side curtains should the weather decide to not cooperate with your plans or if you are wanting to create a private and enclosed venue. Working with a friendly WeatherPort building specialist, customize your Jubilee event structure by choosing any combination of the following privacy systems.


Side Curtain Systems

End Panel Systems

diagram of weatherport entry panel option


weatherport structure solid end panel diagram


diagram of partial end panel option


weatherport structure curtain end panel option


Available in 21′ Wide Jubilees and Wider

weatherport structure curtain end panel option


Available in 15′, 16′ and 20′ Wide Jubilees

diagram of passage end panel option


Available in 20′ Wide Jubilees and Wider

watherport hexagram end panel option


Available in 16′ and 30′ Wide Jubilees (Side Profile)

diagram of arch end panel option


(Side Profile)

Make Your Outdoor Event a Memorable One with The Choice of Color!

How many times have you attended an outdoor event, and regardless of the nature of the event – it’s the same old style of white party tent? How boring! The event structure is the first thing your guests will see upon arriving. Give guests that “Wow!” factor by choosing the unique style of a WeatherPort Jubilee event structure, and choose from a large selection of colors! Working with a WeatherPort building specialist, we can do custom color patterns and designs! Be bold and choose bright colors that will stand out, or create a pallet that blends in with the natural surroundings. Resort and venue owners can select colors that match existing infrastructure.

The following standard fabric colors are available for all our WeatherPort Jubilee structures:

Don’t see a color that matches what you are looking for? We also offer specialty fabric colors, available upon request.



The designing fun continues! WeatherPort is one of only a couple companies in the United States with the ability to print directly to engineered and tensioned membranes. A seemingly simple task is actually very difficult and requires extremely high-end printers capable of adhering to the fabrics to provide logos and designs that won’t peel, crack, or fade with prolonged outdoor use. Having this ability in-house also means we not only can ensure the quality of our building system, but ensure the quality of the print job adheres to our high level of standards.

Send us your design, artwork, or logos in an outlined Illustrator, PDF, or EPS format to design a truly one-of-a-kind event structure with custom graphics printed in stunning detail.

covered bike repair structure at a bike event


When it comes to the design of an event structure, we are a one-stop shop! Our aircraft grade and lightweight aluminum frame systems, as well as our galvanized high-strength steel frame systems are great for providing a safe space to entertain guests. Perhaps the natural aesthetic of aluminum or steel doesn’t quite fit with your theme or the event’s color pallet. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to choose a color to make the frame system blend in with the rest of the structure or stand out as an additional design element? Yes, it would! And we can do it!

WeatherPort is one of the only companies in the United States that custom designs, engineers, and produces our own event structures to our customer’s specifications, as well as the ability to provide an additional level of corrosion resistance to our frame systems by powder coating in the following selection of colors:


Rely on our more than five decades of proven excellence. We have worked with tens of thousands of customers around the world, to design, engineer, and produce custom event structures for nearly every application imaginable. Tell us how you would like to custom design a Jubilee structure for your upcoming event need! Call, email, or complete our form below to request a free design consultation.

jubilee series tent for rafting expedition company

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