Restaurant owners and managers of a restaurant, brewery, or winery wanting to increase revenue by 30% can improve their guest’s dining experience – with a fabric structure from WeatherPort! Quickly turn any open area, whether a casual outdoor atmosphere or a white table venue with amazing views, into a covered outdoor seating area for guests to enjoy dining al fresco, or dining all’aperto in Italian (“dining outdoors”).

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WeatherPort has worked with restaurant owners and managers for more than 50 years.

We’ve engineered customized fabric structures, of all sizes, to meet the needs of restaurants. Our tensioned fabric structures offer an unmatched level of safety for guests, rugged durability, and longevity. Whether being used seasonally, or year-round, an investment in a WeatherPort structure is an investment in your restaurant’s success.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how a WeatherPort structure can help raise the level of your restaurant and increase revenue! A friendly WeatherPort building specialist will work with you to design the ultimate covered outdoor seating or outdoor dining area! Call us at (970) 399-5909 or request a consultation by clicking the button below.

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9 News in Colorado shows how Tim Applegate, owner of Sauce On The Blue Family Pizzeria and Italian Eatery in Silverthorne, CO is providing the ultimate outdoor dining experience during the COVID pandemic using WeatherPort “Pop-Up” Yurts!

Design a Covered Outdoor Dining Area

Designing a unique outdoor dining area that stays true to your restaurant’s brand is important for creating an outdoor space that has the same or greater appeal as the main dining room. Whether it is a small alley on the side of your restaurant, a portable structure setup next to your food truck, roof top space with spectacular views, a garden that provides food-to-table service, or a busy sidewalk, a WeatherPort fabric structure can quickly convert any of these open spaces into a functional, covered, and cozy outdoor dining experience that guests will love.

A local eatery recently converted a small space behind their restaurant, using a WeatherPort fabric structure to create a secret garden, complete with string lights, comfortable padded wicker furniture, and using antique gardening tools, created a rustic-chic area for guests to enjoy. Though the space was small and could only accommodate an additional four dining tables with 4 chairs each, as the restaurant owner explained, “It is additional seating we didn’t have before.” At an average price of $30 per meal, this resulted in a revenue increase of $480 per hour.

Here are some considerations and ideas when designing an outdoor dining area for your restaurant:


Designing an outdoor dining area isn’t just about aesthetics. Restaurants that offer seasonal or year-round outdoor dining experiences need to protect guests with a structure that is engineered for the safety. All WeatherPort fabric structures are engineered and designed to meet local building codes for wind and snow, ensuring guests will be kept protected and safe.


Enhance your guests’ outdoor dining experience and build some exclusivity by offering an outside-only menu, including unique appetizers, drinks, and happy hour choices. Consider seasonal menus for outdoor dining areas. On a hot day, guests that choose to partake in outdoor dining will likely choose a lighter fare, opting for a fresh chicken salad or wrap, paired with a chilled glass of their favorite white wine, versus a heavy meal. This is especially true in areas that appeal to tourists or travelers.


When designing an outdoor dining area, choose furniture that matches the theme of your restaurant or the intention of your outdoor dining area. The furniture of your outdoor dining area is an extension of your restaurant and as such, deserves some thought.

  • Picnic benches are great for fast casual dining like sandwich, pizzerias, or burger stands.
  • Bistro tables offer guests an informal but intimate dining experience. The perfect furniture selection for restaurants wanting to develop a French bistro or European café style setting.
  • Wicker furniture and rattan garden furniture treat guests with a warm, welcoming and relaxing experience. Wicker or rattan furniture can enhance any restaurant space (indoors or outdoors) by projecting an image of elegance and charm – ideal for full sit-down meals.

Temperature control

Unless you live in San Diego, where year-round temperatures are near perfect for eating outdoors, keeping guests comfortable is key to enjoying dining al fresco. In locations that experience all four seasons, operating a year-round outdoor dining area means additional considerations will need to made for heating and cooling. During those chilly Fall days, or during the cold Winter months, attract customers by offering a cozy dining experience, using blankets, fire pits, and heat lamps to keep guests warm. As with any open heat source, special consideration must be taken to ensure guests safety. All WeatherPort fabric buildings employ a flame resistant tensioned membrane that exceeds the California Code of Regulations (CCR) for membrane structures. Additionally, fabric buildings from WeatherPort can be insulated and heated or cooled using HVAC systems, providing guests with a constant and comfortable interior temperature year-round. During the summer months, allow guests to enjoy the fresh air and views by opening optional side curtains. WeatherPort fabric structures can be equipped with large ceiling fans and misting systems, allowing guests to enjoy the atmosphere of outdoor dining during the hot Summer months.


If you plan to offer guests an outdoor dining experience by serving year-round or into the evening hours, another item to consider when designing an outdoor area is lighting. Pairing décor and lighting is a great way to set the mood and theme of your outdoor dining area. It can be used to create a unique dining experience separate from the main dining area, or be used to reinforce a restaurant’s brand and theme. The type of lighting and brightness can help create an ambiance guests will enjoy. WeatherPort fabric structures can be equipped or designed to accommodate a large selection of restaurant lighting fixtures.

WeatherPort fabric structures are incredibly versatile and can be customized to meet your restaurant’s covered outdoor seating or outdoor dining area requirements.

Customizable Outdoor Dining Solutions from WeatherPort

Whether your restaurant is expanding outwards or upwards, offer guests protection from the elements by using a WeatherPort fabric structure. Our engineered fabric buildings can be used as stand-alone structures, for shade during the hot Summer months, or fully enclosed during the cold Winter months. The following WeatherPort building models are popularly used by restaurant owners and restaurant managers to expand their restaurant’s seating capacity and provide guests with a unique dining experience.

Canopy Series

A canopy structure from WeatherPort creates an elegant and open-air dining area, protecting guests from the direct sun and inclement weather. WeatherPort canopies are available in a wide range of sizes, including our popular 10′ x 10′ option. They can also be customized with a large selection of fabric colors, logo or design printing, powder-coated frames, and more. Optional side curtains can be easily removed or rolled-up allowing guests the opportunity to create a private and intimate dining experience in inclement weather.

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Jubilee Series

For larger covered outdoor seating requirements, the Jubilee Series from WeatherPort is ideal for restaurants looking to quickly expand their seating capacity and offer guests a unique outdoor dining experience. The Jubilee Series is easy to assemble and offers restaurant owners and managers a much faster return on investment than undergoing timely and expensive restaurant renovations. Jubilee structures can be customized with a large selection of sizes, colors, windows, and removable or roll-up curtain options. Learn more about the Jubilee Series from WeatherPort by clicking the button below.

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HGB Series

In locations that experience strong winds and heavy snow, our Heavy Gable Building (HGB) Series are the ideal building system of choice for restaurants attracting guests looking for an enjoyable outdoor dining experience. Available up to 30’ wide, to any height, and to any length, restaurant owners and restaurant managers will appreciate the ability to quickly expand their seating capacity and gain peace of mind knowing their guests will be kept safe. Our HGB Series fabric buildings can be customized with most windows, doors, and lighting systems available to conventional construction. Learn more about the WeatherPort HGB Series by clicking the button below.

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DAGB Series

For restaurant owners and restaurant managers in need of a building solution to accommodate a large outdoor dining area greater than 30’ wide, the Double Arch Gable Building (DAGB) Series from WeatherPort can be engineered up 150’ wide, to any height, and to any length. With a DAGB system from WeatherPort, it is very possible to enclose a spacious and comfortable outdoor dining area, as well as raised garden beds, and the kitchen – all under the same roof! Talk about the ultimate farm-to-table dining experience! All DAGB Series buildings are engineered to meet local building codes for safety, and can be customized with a large assortment of colors, windows, doors, lighting and electrical, ventilation, HVAC, and insulation systems to create the ultimate outdoor dining experience for guests. Learn more about the DAGB Series from WeatherPort by clicking the button below.

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