WeatherPort® provides premium retail greenhouses used by market farmers, big box retail chains, family-owned markets, hardware stores, and nurseries around the world. Since opening our doors in 1968, we have supplied permanent and seasonal retail greenhouses to more than 85 countries, each custom designed to meet our customer’s specific greenhouse requirements and engineered to meet building codes for year-round safety and unmatched durability.

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The benefits of choosing to invest in a WeatherPort retail greenhouse

Whether you want to use your retail greenhouse to be the first in the neighborhood selling fresh and colorful Spring starts, or you’re looking for a better greenhouse system to support your thriving business to sell plants, gardening supplies, and outdoor goods year-round, a WeatherPort retail greenhouse offers an unbeatable value. Below are the top reasons why customers choose to work with us!

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Greenhouse Retail Heavy Gable Building

Seasonal Retail Greenhouses

The modular design of our seasonal retail greenhouses allows for rapid and easy setup, and additional seasonal retail space when and where needed. Our greenhouse structures are engineered to provide a superior degree of durability and longevity compared to poly film and wiggle wire type greenhouses. Our seasonal retail greenhouses are a great option for increasing Spring plant sales!

Custom Designed Retail Greenhouses

Nearly every feature of a WeatherPort retail greenhouse can be custom configured to the meet the retail space needs of your store or nursery. We offer retail greenhouses in all sizes, from 8’ wide up to 150’ wide, with adjustable sidewall heights to accommodate tall plants, tiered shelving systems, and hanging bars, and can extend the length of our building as far as your property or budget allows! Our engineers will work with you or your facility manager to incorporate the preferred window and door placement, as well as ventilation, lighting, and electrical systems to create a comfortable shopping experience for customers and the optimum environment to keep plants thriving.

Permanent Retail Greenhouses

Designed for year-round use, our permanent retail greenhouses are custom designed as complete retail facilities – perfect for instantly creating outdoor display areas for the sale of plants and hard goods!

Accent Colors and Logos

Choose from a wide selection of fabric accent colors to customize your retail greenhouse to match existing buildings or make your greenhouse structure stand out! WeatherPort is one of only a couple companies in the USA with the ability to offer in-house printing directly onto our tensioned fabric membranes. Will your retail greenhouse be in a location that sees a great deal of traffic? Near a busy road? Use the side or end of your greenhouse to promote your company with a large logo, custom design, or decorative wording to let guests know what kind of plants to find inside!

Maintenance Free

Once setup, your WeatherPort retail greenhouse is virtually maintenance free. Unlike cheap poly films that tear easily and degrade when exposed to UV rays for prolonged periods of time, a WeatherPort retail greenhouse is designed to provides decades of use. Our tensioned fabric membranes are engineered to endure prolonged exposure to UV radiation, will not rot, resists mold and mildew, has a flame spread of less than 2” and is self-extinguishing, as well as exceeds the California Code of Regulations (CCR) for membrane structures. And unlike glass or polycarbonate greenhouse systems that expand or contract with fluctuating temperatures, and require ongoing and costly maintenance, a WeatherPort retail greenhouse is engineered to withstand fluctuating temperatures.

Minimal Foundation and Tool Requirement

Drastically reduce the time, money, and energy to setup a retail greenhouse by investing in a WeatherPort! We engineer our retail greenhouses with the ability to be setup on any level surface, with fewer tools, and in a fraction of the time compared to more typical glass greenhouse structures! We provide anchoring options for concrete, asphalt, dirt, gravel, wood footers, ecology blocks, as well as many other surfaces or ground conditions to ensure a safe and secure greenhouse operation!

Engineered for Safety and Superior Strength.

We take safety very seriously. When using a WeatherPort retail greenhouse as an outdoor extension of your store, you want to make sure guests, plants, and equipment will be protected should a sudden gust of wind, an unexpected storm, or heavy snows fall. We engineer our retail greenhouses for superior strength and to meet the building codes specific to your area

Made in the USA with the Highest Quality Materials

All WeatherPort retail greenhouses are made in the USA using the highest quality materials, the latest manufacturing techniques, and stringent quality control procedures combined with lean manufacturing processes to produce a retail greenhouse that can outperform other greenhouse systems on the market, and is also environmentally friendly.


WeatherPort retail greenhouses offer a nearly endless opportunity for customization, allowing your personal wishes and your business needs to determine the specific model, size, and features needed to have a successful retail greenhouse system!

Below are our most popular retail greenhouse models!

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The gable building design of our GB Series offers an amazing value for businesses in the market for a small to mid-size retail greenhouses. Available in widths from 8’ to 20’, with standard sidewall heights of 5’, and customized to any length, the GB Series is a great retail greenhouse system for small spaces. Equip your GB Series retail greenhouse with any assortment of doors, windows, tiered shelving, hanging bars, ventilation packages, or lighting and electrical systems! For more information about the GB Series, click the button below!

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The design of our heavy gable building system – the HGB Series allows for an incredibly versatile and durable retail greenhouse structure that is easy to set up, take down, and move from location to location. With widths from 15’ to 30’, and customizable sidewall height and length, the HGB Series can serve the role of many functions, including greenhouse space for growing, display areas, cashier or front-of-house and point-of-sales areas complete with tiered shelves and hanging bars. The HGB Series is a great solution for businesses seeking a medium-sized retail greenhouse system. To learn more about the HGB Series, click the button below!

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The DAGB Series of retail greenhouses employs a double-arch gable design to create an open span interior, customizable from 30’ to 150’ wide, to any sidewall height, and to any length. Our DAGB Series of retail greenhouses enjoy the same ease of setup, minimal foundation requirement, and customization options as our smaller greenhouse structures! The DAGB Series greenhouse is a great alternative to large glass or polycarbonate greenhouses and can provide ample space for large retail displays, arrangements of plants, gardening tools, equipment, and supplies. For more information about WeatherPort’s DAGB Series greenhouses, click the button below to request a quote!

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