Your vehicle isn’t just your ticket from point A to point B, it’s a long-term investment. Leaving it out in the elements can lead to a variety of avoidable problems including weather damage, vandalism, and theft. Keeping vehicles in garages can prevent these things and, in some cases, even lower cost of insurance. WeatherPort carports and garages are designed to meet your specific vehicle storage needs. Whether adding a small garage or protecting your entire collection of classic cars, your vehicles will be kept safe and last longer.

WeatherPort engineered fabric buildings utilize materials that have been developed and proven over 50 years of unmatched experience in some of the most extreme environments around the world. Thousands of customers worldwide have enjoyed the rugged durability and enduring capability of our portable carports and garages to store and protect their vehicles. Additional packages can create an insulated, humidity and temperature controlled building system – perfect for restoring classic cars, stowing antique cars, or storing your everyday commuter vehicles.

Our carports and garages cater to a variety of needs ranging from portable one-car options to fully equipped and customized permanent structures. Whether you need this garage structure for a few months each year or for decades of year-round use, the durable framing and architectural membranes are easy to install and made to last. Our portable or permanent carport and garages can be custom designed with a wide selection of features including garage doors, lighting and ventilation systems, as well as security systems. Choose from a wide selection of fabric colors, patterns, as well as printing and branding services – to design a carport that will match the other buildings on your property, blend in with the surroundings, or stand out and promote your auto body repair shop!

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WeatherPort engineers have worked tirelessly to create portable and long-lasting carport and garage systems. A friendly WeatherPort building specialist will work with you to determine the best model for your carport or garage needs. So whether you looking for something ruggedly portable to keep your car protected in the winter, or for a permanent, customized vehicle storage facility, we offer a number of garage and carport models to meet your needs.

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The WeatherPort SQ Series is an improvement on the Quonset-style building using the latest engineering principles to create an arched carport or garage. The SQ Series structure offers unmatched portability for seasonal use, or can be setup and left for year-round use. Available from 15’ wide to 30’ wide, and customizable to taller heights or lengths, the SQ Series can be designed to provide vehicle storage for nearly any vehicle size. Learn more about the WeatherPort SQ Series by clicking the button below.
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Our GB Series takes carports and garages to the next level. The heavy-duty framing and tensioned architectural membrane combine to create a building system engineered to provide protection for your vehicles. The straight-wall design of our GB Series affords maximum use of interior space. Design a carport or garage with a WeatherPort GB Series structure, available in widths from 8’ to 20’ wide, to any height, and to any length. To learn more about the GB Series fabric buildings, please click the button below.
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The HGB Series can be used for carports and garages, customizable in widths from 15’ to 30’, to any height or length. The HGB Series combines the rapid setup of a Quonset-style fabric building with the rugged durability of our GB Series, to create a tensioned fabric structure with a ‘soft eave’. As with any WeatherPort fabric building, choose from a wide selection of garage doors, windows, lighting and electrical systems, HVAC and ventilation systems, insulation, and flooring systems to create a carport or garage that will rival any carport design. To learn more about the HGB Series fabric structures, click the button below!
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The durability and longevity of carports and garages from WeatherPort, is the result of many factors, all resulting in an eco-friendly and energy efficient fabric building system. Enjoy the cost savings of a virtually maintenance free building system. We utilize the latest design and manufacturing techniques to create state-of-the-art building systems that are more environmentally friendly, last decades longer than other ‘off-the-shelf’ store bought systems, and engineer each of our fabric building systems to meet local or international building codes for safety.

The proprietary architectural membrane we have developed over 50 years of proven success will not rot, is resistant to mold and mildew, impregnated (not coated!) with a UV stabilizer to withstand prolonged exposure to sun, and is flame retardant. We offer insulations systems capable of meeting any R-Value. All WeatherPort fabric buildings are designed to be setup on virtually any level surface, reducing the need for expensive and lengthy pre-construction costs associated with building a garage using traditional materials. We use lean manufacturing practices to reduce the amount of excess and waste, all of which is recycled.


Investing in a WeatherPort carport or garage is both a smart and eco-friendly decision when compared to pop-up garages that are easily damaged in high winds or snowstorms. Our single-vehicle 12’ x 15’ garage features a steel frame and high-quality fabric membrane to protect your vehicle and equipment from the elements. You can now buy our heavy-duty and weather-resistant 12’ x 15’ portable garage on Wayfair! Click below to learn more!

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Rely on our 50 years of providing engineered structures for your vehicle storage needs. When it comes to designing a garage or a carport, there are a lot of questions to be answered. Friendly WeatherPort building specialists are very knowledgeable and trained to make the process of designing a garage or carport easy. So, whether you are looking for a 12’ x 20’ carport to protect your brand-new Prius or need a two-car garage with an RV bay, we can make it! Contact us today to discuss your carport or garage needs!

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