Whether your organization is mounting a major expedition to the far reaches of the planet and need a basecamp complete with modular housing that is highly portable or you are simply wanting to provide guests with luxurious “glamping” accommodations in a remote wilderness setting, WeatherPort Shelter Systems™ is known for custom designing fabric structures for a wide range of housing accommodations. Each WeatherPort portable cabin is engineered to meet local or international building codes for safety. Our fabric building designs are the result of proven experience, tested by thousands of customers, in some of the most unforgiving, remote, and beautiful locations around the world.

Equipping your camp system or wilderness resort with high-quality portable cabins from WeatherPort is an investment in longevity. We use the highest quality materials to produce an engineered structure capable of enduring decades of year-round exposure to all types of weather. Unlike canvas cabins at wilderness resorts that need to be taken down at the end of each summer, are susceptible to wind, snow, mildew and rot, a WeatherPort portable cabin can be setup and used year-round. Gain peace of mind knowing guests will not only be kept safe from the elements, but from dangerous mildew and rot. Our tensioned membranes are resistant to the growth of mildew, will not rot, and are UV stabilized for locations that experience a high amount of sun exposure.

Nearly every facet of a WeatherPort fabric structure can be customized to your liking or need. Choose from a large selection of windows, doors, flooring systems, insulation packages, HVAC systems, stoves of all kinds, lighting and electrical systems, as well as a plethora of fabric color choices and patterns – for starters! A friendly WeatherPort building specialist will guide you thru the design process to create the ultimate portable cabin, chalet, lodge, or sleeping shelter!

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Well suited for reliable and unmatched performance anywhere on Earth, the WeatherPort portable cabin is a favorite among wilderness resort, ski resorts, and camp ground owners, operators, and managers. The ability to appoint our cabins with any assortment of furniture, appliances, and decorations allows guests to enjoy the wilderness, while also enjoying the comforts of a “home away from home.” Whether it is a rustic retreat cabin, a safari suite cabin, a shabby chic cabin, a modern wilderness cabin, a country cabin, or a cozy cottage cabin, a WeatherPort fabric structure is the canvas for creating a rich and welcoming interior landscape.

Because of their versatility, WeatherPort portable cabins are also popular in other industries and professions, including:

  • Scientific Research. Research institutions, universities, and research scientists, including: geologists, geophysicists, and archeologists love the portability and rapid setup and takedown of WeatherPort fabric structures.
  • Mining and Construction. Companies involved in the mining and construction industries, operating in remote locations around the world choose WeatherPort fabric buildings and camp systems for their rugged durability.
  • Oil and Gas. Whether it is the construction of a new pipeline or an ongoing extraction operation, oil and gas companies requiring temporary or permanent workforce housing choose modular buildings and modular housing from WeatherPort.
  • Government Agencies. Agencies like the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Department of Fish and Game in Alaska, and the Department of Fish and Wildlife in Washington use WeatherPort fabric structures for hunting checkpoints, ranger stations, and sampling stations.

Depending on the application, building codes, and required capacity of the portable cabin, modular housing, or modular building needed, WeatherPort produces many different fabric building designs. Using either high-strength steel or aircraft-grade aluminum, our fabric structures and portable cabins can be engineered up to 150’ wide, to any height, and to any length. For locations along the coast line, or where sea spray is prevalent, or other environments that may be corrosive to steel or aluminum, we can powder-coat the framing system for extra protection.

WeatherPort fabric structures can be setup on virtually any level surface, saving both time and costs associated with site preparation. And once setup, a WeatherPort portable cabin or modular building can be used year-round or easily taken down and moved to another location as needs change. Need the ability to setup a portable cabin on an uneven surface – either where a disruption to the environment is not allowed or to minimize environmental impact? No problem! WeatherPort produces a leveling flooring system that can be installed on almost any uneven surface.

Our tensioned fabric membrane is made of a proprietary high-strength PVC-based material that offers greater abrasion resistance, and is rated to withstand extreme temperatures as cold as -80˚ F and to 130˚ F. Compared with UV coated fabrics, WeatherPort goes the extra mile to ensure our fabric membrane will hold up to high solar loading by impregnating the fabric with a UV stabilizer. In environments with extreme temperatures, or high UV exposure, a UV coated fabric will develop cracks and peel, leaving the fabric membrane exposed to quickly degrade. And lastly, considered the strictest fire code in the country, WeatherPort’s tensioned fabric membrane exceeds the California Code of Regulations (CCR) for membrane structures.

The WeatherPort team painstakingly develops, engineers, tests, modifies, tests again, and again, and again, until we get it right to create the ultimate engineered fabric building system! The thought, care, and attention to detail invested by WeatherPort employees is a testament to ensuring each WeatherPort building system adheres to our strict quality standards and offers an unmatched degree of safety and durability.

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Whether you are in the market for remote workforce accommodation, oilfield housing, or portable cabins for an exclusive wilderness resort, choose from our most popular fabric structure models outlined below.

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Yurts date back to ancient Mongolia. WeatherPort saw an opportunity to modernize the yurt design using a metal frame and 21st century engineering principles. The result is a yurt that offers modern day conveniences, unobstructed windows for enjoying the views, a taller ceiling height capable of accommodating an optional loft space, and a building system capable of meeting local and international building codes for safety. The WeatherPort Yurt is a great and comfortable way to enjoy the great outdoors! Click the button below to learn more about WeatherPort Yurts!
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Enjoy the outdoors from a Quonset-style portable cabin. Like the Yurt, WeatherPort improved upon the design of the Quonset hut, to create a stronger, highly customizable, and portable building solution for wilderness camps, ski resorts, outfitters, and camp ground operators. The WeatherPort SQ Series can be scaled for small single-occupant deluxe guest cabins, or designed using a large structure to comfortably sleep a large family. Want to learn more about the SQ Series? Click the button below.
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WeatherPort’s revolutionary approach to tensioned fabric building systems is best exemplified in our advanced GB Series gable buildings. Each structure meets or exceeds local and international building codes for safety, weather-resistance, and durability. The straight-wall design of our GB Series allows maximum use of interior space, perfect for creating exclusive and personal environments for guests to enjoy! Just like the SQ Series, the GB Series can be scaled to provide guests luxury accommodations, regardless the size of their party. Learn more about the GB Series by clicking the button below.
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For wilderness and ski resorts, outfitters, and camp grounds operating in locations with high winds and heavy snow loads, and seeking a deluxe structure to accommodate larger groups, our HGB Series heavy-gable style building is the perfect solution. The HGB Series can be custom designed up to 30’ wide and to any length, making them well suited for communal or private dining areas, as well as other lounge areas for gathering. Learn more about the HGB Series from WeatherPort by clicking the button below.
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Whether you are treating yourself, your family, or creating private suites for guests to enjoy the untamed landscape around them, a WeatherPort portable cabin offers an unmatched level of durability, portability, and safety. Design the ultimate portable cabin, complete with a spacious living room, a covered outdoor parlor and large balcony to enjoy the expansive views, a gracious dining area, and private bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Each WeatherPort portable cabin is custom designed to your specification and engineered to be provide a savings in transportation costs by incorporating a lightweight and low-cube design.

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