Fabric Buildings Designed for Field Stadiums

Field stadiums are the setting for some of the most epic performances of human ability, and play host to intense emotion as well. The atmosphere of a packed sports stadium can vary from tense and expectant to euphoric or sorrowful. Sports teams and athletic organizations don’t have to wait months or years to create this setting for such vital memories, either. With a WeatherPort® field stadium, you can design a custom stadium facility and receive it as early as a few short weeks. Once on-site, and depending on the size, your WeatherPort stadium structure can be constructed in just a matter of days.

Our engineering is well known for both its permanence and unrivaled portability. Even large-scale structures such as field stadiums are packaged quickly and easily into low-cube shipping for rapid, eco-friendly transport. The portability of WeatherPort field stadiums allows sports organizations to move from place to place, without the expensive cost and extended construction time required to build new, traditional field stadium facilities. An added advantage of our portable field stadiums is the simplicity and ease of setup, for rapidly deployed stadiums with minimal site preparation.

For more than 50 years, our engineered fabric structures have led the industry for manufacturing incredibly durable, long-lasting and custom fabric buildings for a near-limitless range of applications. From personal exercise buildings, athletic facilities, physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics, to massive field stadiums, our fabric structures can be designed and engineered to meet specific needs for size, special features, and longevity in any climate.

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Large Fabric Buildings for Designing a Field Stadium

With hundreds of sizes, configurations and customizations, our DAGB Series structures are our most ideal product for field stadium applications. These great truss gable buildings can be engineered and designed from 30’ to 150′ wide, to any length, and include a wide range of options for configurations in order to meet the needs of large field stadiums. All WeatherPort fabric buildings are engineered to be open span and free standing, allowing for maximum use of interior space.

The great truss gable architecture of each building’s galvanized steel frame system ensures superior strength. Our DAGB fabric buildings are engineered to meet international and local building codes, so that you can depend on your WeatherPort field stadium for many years to come, even in the harshest of weather conditions.

An optional powder-coating treatment is available for our frame systems, providing an additional layer of protection in corrosive environments, such as coastal areas with sea spray. Our proprietary and high-strength fabric membranes lead the marketplace for fabric structure material. WeatherPort engineers have spent over 50 years perfecting our fabric membranes to endure and support heavy snow loads, resist high winds, and withstand high amounts of sun exposure. The engineering, composition, and high quality materials used to construct our tensioned membrane structures will not rot, is mold and mildew resistant, and exceeds the California Code of Regulations (CCR) for membrane structures.

Despite the larger size and enhanced durability, our DAGB Series structures are still highly portable. By design, all WeatherPort’s fabric buildings can easily be setup and either left permanently in place, or quickly taken down and transported to a new location. So should you need to move your stadium structure, you can do so without blacking out weeks of the sports and event calendar!

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Custom Design a Field Stadium

One significant advantage of working with WeatherPort for field stadiums and other fabric structure systems is our extensive options and features for customization. Whether you’re starting with our DAGB Series for your field stadium, or one of WeatherPort’s other fabric building solutions, our friendly building specialists will work with you to create a fully-tailored field stadium design.

After determining a field stadium size that meets your building requirements, it is time to start thinking about fabric colors. Do you want to go with a more traditional all white, tan, or gray building? Or work with a WeatherPort building specialist to come up with a custom color scheme that is unique to your sports team, school, college or university, city, or business! We offer the largest selection of fabric colors for tensioned fabric structures. Our in-house fabric specialists can turn any concept into reality.

Next, it’s time to think about branding. WeatherPort is unique in that we are one of two companies in the United States that has engineered a means of printing directly to an engineered tensioned fabric membrane. Nearly all other fabric building providers will use a third party printing service, at an additional expense that is passed on to you, and requires shipping large amounts of fabric back and forth – sometimes hundreds or thousands of miles away. This is also a cost that is passed on to you, and will delay delivery of your field stadium by weeks, if not months. We have simplified this process by purchasing our own large format flatbed printers. Capable of printing near magazine quality logos and images on our structures, WeatherPort customers can create and design a field stadium with a truly one-of-a-kind look. So whether it is a sports team logo, the name of a sponsor, a college or university, a WeatherPort building specialist will work with you to make sure your field stadium is noticed and remembered.

WeatherPort also offers a wide range of systems and features such as doors and windows, HVAC, electricity, lighting, enhanced insulation, and environmental control that integrate seamlessly with any of our engineered fabric buildings. A WeatherPort building specialists will help identify features to design a field stadium that is unique and meets your building requirements!

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