Workforce meal preparation and dining facilities are vital to the success and continued growth of organizations at every size and scale within a wide range of industries. WeatherPort Shelter Systems™ provide best-in-class performance and industry-leading, low-cube design to make redeployment and relocation a breeze for camp operations and camp logistics teams.

Traditional buildings often require long construction times and have limited options for expansion or versatility after they are completed. It’s also typically impossible or simply not cost-effective to move them to a new location for camping organizers, outfitters, and wilderness resorts operating mobile camp systems. Because traditional brick-and-mortar or metal buildings don’t have the same degree of portability offered by tensioned fabric building systems, it’s imperative that camp operation managers and logistics managers strongly consider a more portable and easy-to-use option for kitchen and dining facilities. WeatherPort’s tensioned fabric buildings are ideal for kitchen applications and dining facilities, with the portability needed to quickly facilitate transport to new locations.

Versatile enough to be used for dining halls, mess halls, cafeterias, and food preparation structures, our tensioned fabric building systems have proven themselves by thousands of customers worldwide, to be superior dining facilities. Thanks to low-cube shipping design, it’s possible for organizations requiring quick turnaround and the ability to relocate, to take advantage of modern and engineered dining facilities without dealing with frustrating and overly technical construction of traditional building systems.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to keeping your workforce or camp guests well-fed and safe, contact a friendly WeatherPort building specialist by clicking the button below or calling 970-399-5909 today!

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Whether you need to feed a workforce of a 1,000 or treat a small group of wilderness resort guests to a 5-course meal, a tensioned fabric building from WeatherPort Shelter Systems is the perfect kitchen and/or dining facility option for organizations who require reliability, speed of setup, portability, adaptability, and above all – safety for guests. Every WeatherPort kitchen and dining facility is engineered to meet local or international building codes for durability and safety. Here are just a few of the benefits of investing in a WeatherPort dining facility:

  • Waterproof, wind-resistant, and can be insulated to any R-value.
  • Engineered to withstand specific wind and snow loads.
  • Minimal foundation requirements save time, site preparation, and construction costs.
  • Low-cube packaging saves on transportation costs and logistics.
  • Rapid setup, with minimal tool requirement.
  • Easy to use, plug-and-play electrical, and HVAC systems available.
  • Optional kitchen exhaust hoods, food preparation tables, and storage facilities.
  • A large selection of window and door options to choose from.
  • Many flooring systems to choose from.
  • Straightforward integration with other WeatherPort fabric building systems.
  • Low life cycle costs, greater return on investment over time.

Each WeatherPort fabric dining facilities is designed to meet your unique kitchen or dining facility specifications. A friendly WeatherPort building specialist will walk you thru each step of the process to design a dining facility! Start enjoying the benefits of a fabric dining facility from WeatherPort! Contact us to today by calling 970-399-5909 or clicking the button below.

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There are several popular WeatherPort building models that can be customized to make the perfect kitchen or dining facility. All these building models are highly portable, and engineered for durability and longevity, even in extreme environments.

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Our SQ Series are a 21st century improvement on the Quonset hut design, and are ideal for small-scale portable kitchens and dining facilities. The SQ Series fabric building is designed for rapid setup and take down. The clear span design provides an unobstructed interior space. SQ Series fabric structures from WeatherPort are available from 15’ to 30’ wide and can be designed to any length. Click the button below to learn more about the SQ Series from WeatherPort!
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Available from 8’ wide to 20’ wide, to any height, or any length, The WeatherPort GB Series, straight wall design offers maximum use of interior space. Like the SQ Series, the design of the GB Series allows for rapid setup and take downs, as well as portability. The GB Series is a popular model for camp systems, workforce housing, and wilderness resorts. To learn more about the WeatherPort GB Series, click the button below.
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Ski resorts, outfitters, research organizations, and wilderness camps operating in rugged environments with heavy winds and snow loads, and requiring a medium- to large-scale portable kitchen or dining facility, need look no further! The heavy-duty gable building (HGB Series) from WeatherPort offers an unrivaled degree of portability and strength to withstand even the fiercest of weather conditions. Available from 15’ to 30’ wide, the HGB Series can be customized to any height or length, providing the necessary space for kitchen equipment and room for guests to dine comfortably. Click the button below to learn more about the HGB Series.
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Camp operators, ski resorts, universities and schools, or large workforce camps requiring a dining facility capable of seating hundreds or thousands of people at a time, can rely on the proven safety and engineering of the DAGB Series from WeatherPort. The double-arch gable building (DAGB) is engineered to meet local and/or international building codes, ensuring guests are kept safe, even in the most extreme of weather conditions. The DAGB Series employs our ruggedly durable truss frame system, creating a clear span interior up to 150’ wide, to any height, and to any length. To learn more about the DAGB Series, click the button below!
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If you’re unsure as to what style of building is best suited for your intended use, feel free to contact a WeatherPort friendly building specialists! They will be able to walk you thru the process of designing a dining facility and recommend a building solution that is best for your kitchen or dining facility requirement.

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Nearly every aspect of our engineered fabric structures can be customized to meet your portable kitchen or dining facility requirement. We can insulate, add windows and doors of all types and sizes, install lighting and electrical systems, connect HVAC systems, and install just about any flooring type to our fabric buildings. Combined with your choice of building models and sizes, fabric colors and available color patterns, logo and design printing capability, as well as optional powder coating for additional protection – especially in highly corrosive environments, just like a traditional building, there are quite literally an endless number of ways you can customize a WeatherPort fabric building systems.

This may seem very daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar or new to the concept of using an engineered fabric building for portable kitchen or dining facilities. Rely on our 50 years of experience providing kitchen and dining facilities to make the decision-making process an easy one. A friendly WeatherPort building specialist will guide you thru the design process and work with you to design the ultimate dining facility. Get started today by contacting us by phone, by email, or by clicking the button below to request a consultation.

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