Private Cabins Designed for Safety and Comfort

A private cabin can offer a much-needed retreat in any season. Even in the winter, rain, snow, and ice are no match for a heavy-duty fabric shelter from WeatherPort®.

In balmy spring and summer weather, portability becomes an even more desirable factor, and your WeatherPort structures’ simple setup and take-down process multiply opportunities for outdoor adventure to and from any destination – whether lakeside, on the riverbank, deep in the forest, or anywhere beyond.

Because WeatherPort’s fabric structures are built for versatility and resilience, it’s easy to find a model that suits your needs while keeping guests and belongings safe from the elements and wildlife, all while maintaining a low-impact ecological footprint.

Our extensive lineup of specialty and customizable sanctuaries offers a variety of configurations that feature a sturdy frame and ultra-durable fabric walls.

Each portable building securely anchors to virtually any surface, so high winds and other adverse conditions are not a concern. This makes WeatherPort structures the premier choice for comfort and protection from the outdoors, whether used for personal leisure or a group camp setup.

High-end outdoor resort operators can partner with WeatherPort to provide a welcome refuge for travelers who prefer “glamping” over pitching a cramped tent. The experience becomes that much more glamorous when you provide your guests with secure and cozy WeatherPort accommodations.

For outdoor hobbyists, our transportable units are ideal for any trip length — from a weekend getaway to year-round living quarters.

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Benefits of Fabric Buildings for Private Cabins

Like all of WeatherPort’s structures, your private cabin is constructed using an extremely durable architectural membrane tensioned over an engineered frame system. Our tensioned fabric material offers the benefit of extra strength in extreme heat or cold climates, flame resistance, is mold and mildew resistant, and is UV stabilized to endure locations with high sun exposure. Will you be setting up your private cabin on a wood deck, gravel, dirt, or a concrete pad? Private cabins from WeatherPort can be set up on nearly any level surface with minimal site preparation or foundation requirements. A WeatherPort building specialist will work with you to custom design a private cabin around your unique specifications.

A high-grade aluminum and steel frame lends impressive strength to each of our structures. WeatherPort private cabins are engineered to withstand year-round usage in unforgiving and extreme environmental conditions. Our engineers design each of our private cabins to meet local and international building codes for safety. So you can feel safe sleeping, eating, working, or living inside your fabric cabin structure.

Are you a resort owner? Looking to add extra element of flair by incorporating your resort’s name or logo on each private cabin? Want to number your cabins so guests can easily check-in and find their private cabin? We offer custom printing services. Select from a wide variety of fabric colors, and color patterns to design a cabin with a unique look.

WeatherPort offers a large selection of options to custom design a cabin. Enjoy the view from your private cabin with large glass windows, stay warm next to a wood burning stove, choose to add an insulation system for improved comfort at any temperature. Our private cabins can be equipped with windows, doors, lighting and electrical systems, HVAC, and ventilation systems. You may just decide to never leave your home away from home.

Popular Buildings and Uses for Private Cabins

With so many options for design customization, engineering to ensure safety, combined with a straightforward assembly, and the unmatched ability to set up up and keep in place, or relocate as needed, the destinations and opportunities to enjoy cabin life are nearly endless.

WeatherPort private cabins have been used for the following applications:

  • Vacation homes, second homes, or vacation rentals
  • Personal or group camping trips
  • “Glamping” accommodations for guests at wilderness and outdoor resorts
  • Work sites requiring temporary sleeping and living quarters

Start designing your private cabin by choosing any of the following WeatherPort building models:

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Inspired by Mongolian nomads’ traditional portable living solution, our modern yurts are available in a wide range of sizes and custom configurations, perfect for accommodating groups large and small. Insulation, energy-efficient windows, a skylight, optional electrical wiring and lighting, and unprecedented resistance to wind and snow make minimalist outdoor living more comfortable and accessible than ever.

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Inspired by the Quonset Hut, the WeatherPort SQ Series is constructed with our heavy-duty fabric membrane tensioned over an engineered frame system, offering a more portable and robust upgrade to this classic shelter design. Customize your arch-style structure with a wide selection of doors and windows, insulation systems, HVAC, lighting and electrical systems, to name a few options to truly make your private cabin a luxury retreat.

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When it comes to portable cabin-style housing, a WeatherPort Gable Building is an ideal solution for a second home, vacation cabin, or vacation rentals! The straight wall design allows maximum use of interior space, providing ample opportunities for furniture and luxury accommodations. Optional insulation and HVAC systems will keep you or your guests cozy during those chilly nights.

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Our Heavy Gable Buildings are a great alternative to metal buildings or structures made of conventional materials. The HGB Series is an all-purpose structure capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, while providing a safe living space. The HGB Series is available up to the 30’ wide, and to any length. It is perfect for larger private cabins or for community areas such as dining halls at luxury wilderness resorts. Keep you and your guests comfortable year-round with optional insulation, HVAC, lighting and electrical systems.

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Create your dream cabin home! Consider the endless possibilities with a WeatherPort private cabin. Enjoy getting away and enjoying your second property in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

Enjoy the safety, comfort, quality, and versatility of a WeatherPort private cabin.

Enlist the expertise of a WeatherPort building specialist to custom design a cabin that rivals traditional wood cabins or log cabins. Rely on our 50-plus years of proven experience, to design and deliver a private cabin today!

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