Engineered Truss Gable Buildings – The Ultimate Design-Build Solution for Large Fabric Building Requirements

WeatherPort® is the world’s leading provider of large fabric buildings. The DAGB Series is the ultimate tensioned building solution with standard widths available up to an impressive 150’ wide, with height-adjustable side walls, and configurable to any length. Custom engineered widths are available up to 200’. Nearly every feature of the DAGB Series is customizable to meet specific building requirements and engineered to meet local and international building codes for safety.

The DAGB Series utilizes a double-arch frame system made of high-strength galvanized steel and a tensioned architectural membrane to produce the world’s most rugged and longest-lasting fabric building solution. WeatherPort DAGB Series of fabric buildings are made in the USA, by hard working Americans, using the highest-quality materials, the latest engineering principles, and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. The craftsmanship and dedication that goes into producing each custom-designed DAGB Series building system, provides an investment ensuring decades worth of use, even in the most extreme and harshest environments around the world.

Since opening our doors in 1968, tens of thousands of customers, in more than 85 countries, have successfully proven and continue to enjoy the benefits of our long-lasting building designs, superior engineering, and unmatched manufacturing abilities. The open span design combined with the ability to customize the peak and side wall height of the DAGB Series, allows for maximum use of interior space. Additional benefits of the DAGB Series include:

Minimal Foundation Requirement.

WeatherPort DAGB Series fabric buildings can be installed on virtually any level surface, drastically reducing the need for extensive site work and costs associated with pre-construction.

Minimal Tool Requirement.

Great care and attention is put into the design and engineering of each DAGB Series building system to minimize the tools required for installation, reducing construction time and costs.

Quick and Easy Assembly.

WeatherPort engineered fabric buildings provide the quickest and easiest assembly. Compared to the construction schedules of buildings made using traditional materials, as well as steel buildings, and even other non-engineered fabric structures, the WeatherPort DAGB Series can be assembled in a fraction of the time – saving construction and labor costs, as well as allowing businesses to start or resume operations and begin to generate revenue faster.

Modular Building Design.

By design, the DAGB Series is a modular building design – capable of being set up, easily taken down, and moved as your building needs or areas of operation change. Depending on the level of portability needed, we have the ability to engineer fabric building systems capable of being moved hundreds of times, without mechanical failure. Alternatively, a DAGB Series fabric building can be set up, used for year-round operations, and left in place for 30+ years.

High-Strength Metal Frame Systems.

All WeatherPort fabric buildings employ a high-strength metal frame system. The DAGB Series utilizes a double-arch truss design, made of hot formed (and hardened) galvanized steel, manufactured in accordance with ASTM-A501, ASTM-B117, ASTM-B6, and ASTM-G23 standards. Powder coating is available for applications involving the storage of corrosive materials, or for use in corrosive environments.

Long-Lasting Tensioned Membranes.

WeatherPort fabric membranes are engineered for durability and use in extreme hot, cold, humid, wet, and dry climates. Our architectural membranes are made using a proprietary blend of PVC-based materials, UV stabilizer, fire retardant, and anti-mold and mildew compounds to produce a unique cover system that will not rot, resists mold and mildew, is self-extinguishing and exceeds the California Code of Regulations (CCR) for fabric membrane structures.

Maintenance Free.

Unlike buildings made of traditional materials (brick and mortar, wood, or steel), engineered fabric structures from WeatherPort, once set up are virtually maintenance free. This is a big cost saving benefit for choosing to invest in a WeatherPort DAGB Series, and allows our customers to focus on business or enjoy decades of use, not the continuous upkeep required of other building solutions.

The Unmatched Choice of Color.

By choosing to invest in a WeatherPort DAGB Series fabric building, you have the ability to choose from the widest selection of tensioned fabric colors. We offer many standard color patterns, as well as give you the ability to create your own. Design your DAGB Series fabric structure to stand out, blend in with the natural surroundings, or match the color scheme of existing infrastructure.

Add Logos and Designs.

Use the large surface area of your DAGB Series fabric building to promote your business or add design elements to make the structure truly one-of-a-kind. WeatherPort is one of only a couple fabric building companies in the United States with the in-house capability of printing directly to our tensioned fabric membranes.

Near Endless Options.

No other building provider offers the same level of customization as WeatherPort. The DAGB Series of fabric buildings can be a “blank canvas” for a near endless number of customization options, allowing customers to create a large fabric building solution that meets their specific design requirements. Choose from a wide selection of windows, doors, energy-saving skylight packages, lighting and electrical systems, HVAC, insulation packages (capable of meeting any R-Value), soft- and hard-wall partition systems, as well as flooring solutions.

One-Stop Shop.

WeatherPort has more than five decades of experience working with individuals, project managers, site and facility directors, supervisors, business owners, architectural and engineering firms, as well as government agencies, faculty boards, and educational institutions. We offer our customers a “one-stop shop” solution when it comes to custom designing, engineering, manufacturing, and delivering large fabric buildings. Though not required, as our building systems are designed and engineered for a fast and easy setup, we offer supervisors and set up crews for building projects with short construction schedules, or customers seeking a turnkey building solution.

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An Unwavering Dedication to High Quality Fabric Building Systems

For more than 50 years, WeatherPort has operated by the principle – never compromise quality for quantity. We are proud to say our engineered fabric buildings are “Made in the USA” by hard working Americans, and cater to a discerning audience seeking quality. WeatherPort creates the most enduring, safest, longest-lasting, and most engineered fabric buildings on the market.

While many other fabric building providers have sacrificed quality by having their structures cheaply made overseas, WeatherPort’s success is a testament to this philosophy and what continues to drive us to develop unique building solutions that not only surpass our customer’s expectations but push the technological envelope to remain the world’s leading provider of fabric buildings – big and small.

Large Fabric Buildings and a World of Success

Given the DAGB Series’ rugged durability and unrivaled level for customization, it’s easy to imagine the countless number of applications and industries such a large fabric building (engineered up to 150’ or 200’ wide) could be adapted and used for. Below is a list of the most popular uses for a WeatherPort DAGB Series fabric building:

  • Concert halls, event halls, and music venues
  • Modular offices and workspaces
  • Kitchen and dining facilities
  • Aquatic centers and community pool enclosures
  • Commercial greenhouses and greenhouses for retail and nurseries
  • On-site warehouse facilities, distribution centers, storage facilities, sand and salt storage buildings, bulk storage facilities, and recycling buildings
  • Machine and equipment storage facilities
  • Large maintenance facilities and workshops
  • Covered outdoor seating for restaurants, bars, and wineries
  • Car dealership showrooms, sales offices, detailing and wash bays, maintenance facilities, and delivery structures
  • Convention centers, exhibit halls, and structures for outdoor trade shows, fairgrounds, amusement parks, as well as parks and recreation buildings
  • Instant retail and rental shops
  • Field stadiums, school gymnasiums, indoor sports centers, sports arenas, and indoor practice and training facilities
  • Equestrian and horse riding arenas, rodeo arenas, indoor riding centers, horse barns and stables, dairy and cattle buildings, livestock production and housing
  • Large structures for film sets or support facilities for the film industry
  • Ski lodges and ski resorts

WeatherPort has successfully fulfilled contracts to provide custom designed and engineered fabric buildings to governments and municipalities, as well as the following industries: aviation, fisheries and hatcheries, manufacturing, marine, mining and exploration, oil and gas, and construction.

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