Quonset Hut Buildings – A Modern Update on the Retro 1940s Concept

The SQ Series of fabric buildings from WeatherPort® has combined the latest engineering principles and the highest quality materials. With the most advanced manufacturing capabilities, WeatherPort transforms and evolves the Quonset hut concept to the ultimate modern building system capable of outperforming all other prefabricated building systems.

Since opening our doors in 1968, WeatherPort has designed, engineered, produced, delivered, and given tens of thousands of customers willing to invest in a quality product the opportunity to explore, survive, live, entertain, research, and conduct business operations in some of the most inhospitable and remote places of the world. Our engineered fabric structures have been used in more than 85 countries. The quality and rugged durability of our fabric building systems, including the SQ Series is unmatched.

The SQ Series was designed with the purpose of creating a highly transportable and rapidly deployable shelter solution, capable of being set up on virtually any level surface, in any environment – especially extreme climates, for short durations or as permanent installations for year-round use. We engineer each of our SQ Series fabric structures to withstand the wind and snow loads for your specific area, ensuring the safety of you, your family, guests, personnel, vehicles, and equipment in a weatherproof fabric building.

Choose from a wide selection of window and door options, insulation packages (capable of meeting any R-value), HVAC systems, plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems, flooring systems, soft- or hard-wall partitions, and recessed end walls to create a fabric building system that will meet the requirements of your project. We offer our tensioned membrane structures in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you can design a fabric structure that is easily identifiable like a survival shelter amid a blizzard, or choose a more muted color pallet to blend in with the natural surroundings. In addition to choosing the choice of fabric color, we offer the in-house ability to print logos, designs, and graphics directly to our tensioned membranes. Depending on the engineering and loads of your specific location, our frame systems are available in aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum or high-strength galvanized steel. For locations with high humidity, near the ocean where sea spray is present, or applications that use the SQ Series to store corrosive materials, we recommend an additional level of corrosion resistance by powder coating the frame. We perform the powder-coating in house and offer a large selection of colors.

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An Extremely Versatile Fabric Building System

Available in widths from 15’ to 30’, and customizable to any length (in increments of 2.5’, 5’, or 10’), the design of the SQ Series structures can be modified to meet the requirements for small portable shelters to medium-sized fabric buildings. The open span design of the SQ Series is designed for strength, allowing for maximum use of interior floor space.

With 50 years of improved design, customization, and portability – the SQ Series is a very a popular choice by customers. The versatility of the SQ Series makes it an amazing structure and capable of being used for an extensive range of applications. The most popular uses for the WeatherPort SQ Series includes the following:

  • Ski lodges and ski resort facilities including warming huts and rental shops
  • Movie set or support facilities for the film industry
  • Starting gates for sports activities
  • Garages and carports
  • Workshops
  • Boat, ATV, and RV enclosures
  • Fish hatcheries and raceway covers
  • Private cabins, tiny homes, and vacation cabins
  • Wilderness resorts, adventure camps, and guide outfitting camps
  • Bible school camps
  • Portable hunting shelters, hunting camps, and fishing camps
  • Field kitchen and dining facilities
  • Bathroom buildings and shower facilities
  • Mobile offices
  • Modular classrooms
  • Field offices
  • Research laboratories

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