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Are you the marketing director or trade show manager of a company and responsible for sourcing, designing, and managing multiple promotional canopies to meet the needs of a busy trade show schedule?

Or are you the owner of a family-operated farm and need a branded canopy to attend the local farmer’s market to sell fresh fruits and vegetables?

The ability to showcase your brand and promote your business with customized and attractive branding is important to grab the attention of potential new customers and gain new business.

WeatherPort® provides the longest-lasting, highest-strength, and professionally branded canopies available.

Stand out from the sea of the typical mind-numbing drudgery of white canopy tents and embrace the uniqueness in the style of a WeatherPort branded canopy.

Our promotional canopies are available in many sizes, including our popular 10′ x 10′ Canopy, and can be customized with these options:

  • Colors and color patterns
  • Side curtains
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Aluminum or steel frames
  • Powder coating
  • Logo, branding and design printing

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Reinforce your brand image or promote your company with a WeatherPort branded canopy and enjoy high quality, unmatched durability, portability and easy installation.

Since opening our doors in 1968, our engineers have continued to improve upon our canopy designs, utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques, and developing proprietary solutions designed to outperform all other canopy tents on the market.

While other manufacturers have shifted to create cheaply made and disposable canopy tents overseas, WeatherPort has remained trustworthy and loyal by employing hardworking Americans in the U.S. to produce the finest and longest-lasting branded canopies.

We understand business and know when purchasing promotional items, such as branded canopies, it comes down to the bottom line and marketing budgets. While we cannot compete with the pricing of disposable canopy tents made cheaply overseas, WeatherPort branded canopies offer a greater return on investment with a lower life cycle cost.

When amortized over the course of 10, 15, 20, or even 30+ years, the cost of ownership for a WeatherPort branded canopy is actually less than the ongoing replacement cost of a promotional canopy tent that has a typical lifespan of 1 or 2 years, or less depending on the amount of use and care.

After you have had a minute to marinate on the idea and come to the realization purchasing a branded canopy from WeatherPort makes financial sense, in addition to looking great – you are going to ask about replacing the cover, logos, or graphics as your marketing efforts change, right?

No, we don’t have a crystal ball that can predict the future. With more than 50 years of proven excellence, working closely with our customers to develop the ultimate branded canopy for their marketing or promotional efforts, we have a good understanding of the need to change to different markets, as well as new branding and promotional strategies.

While many of our customers have used their original branded canopy covers and side curtains for more than 30 years, we understand this is atypical for marketing and promotional canopies. Replacing the cover or side curtains of a WeatherPort branded canopy is an easy process.

Simply contact us by requesting a consultation with the button below, or call us at 970-399-5909 to work with a WeatherPort building specialist to design and order a new promotional canopy cover or side curtains!


In addition to engineering the longest-lasting and most ruggedly portable branded canopies, WeatherPort offers a near endless number of canopy sizes, options, and ways to customize a branded canopy to meet your specific marketing or promotional strategies. Below are our more popular customization options.

Branded Canopy Size

WeatherPort branded canopies come in a wide selection of sizes to meet the needs of your upcoming event, promotion, or trade show.

diagram of event canopy structure

4-Sided Canopy Sizes Include:

  • 10’ x 10’ Canopy
  • 10’ x 15’ Canopy
  • 10’ x 20’ Canopy
  • 12’ x 12’ Canopy
  • 16’ x 16’ Canopy
  • 20’ x 20’ Canopy
diagram of event canopy hexapea structure

6-Sided Hexapae Canopy Sizes Include:

  • 16’ Diameter Hexapae
  • 30’ Diameter Hexapae
diagram of event canopy octopae structure

8-Sided Octopae Canopy Sizes Include:

  • 35’ Diameter Octopae
  • 40’ Diameter Octopae

Enjoy The Choice Of Color!

Whether you are looking to embody the latest color trends, embrace the raw and inherent beauty of our building materials and construction, create a timeless classic space, or define your own promotional and marketing style by combining our in-house printing capability with offbeat color pairings and patterns, we want your branded canopy to embody creativity!

Branded Canopy Standard Color Choices Include:

Side Curtains for Branded Canopies

Define your booth space, add additional logos, designs, or promotional messages, and protect merchandize and both staff from adverse weather conditions with side curtains! Our side curtains are made of the same high-quality tensioned fabric and are available in many different styles.

Powder Coating Color Choices

Branded canopy structures can be ordered with powder-coated frames, adding protection against high-humidity or coastal climates with corrosive sea-spray. We offer a large selection of powder coating colors. See below!

Custom design a 10′ x 10′ canopy from WeatherPort! Now you can select the colors, canopy side curtains, and many more options to get the price for a 10′ x 10′ canopy!

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In-House Printing Capability for Logos, Designs, or Promotional Messaging

A branded canopy is only as good as its ability to help you or your company market itself! Our in-house printing room is equipped with extremely high-end machines capable of printing on a wide range of media including our engineered tensioned fabrics, and in different sizes (small prints to large format), in black and white to full color output, allowing you to broadcast your message, logo, identity or artwork in a remarkably crisp, immersive, and impactful way. No other fabric building company offers this same level of service or printing capability.

Branded Canopy High-Strength Metal Frame Options

WeatherPort branded canopies are available with lightweight aircraft grade aluminum or high-strength galvanized steel frames. Our promotional canopies can be anchored to any surface using the appropriate anchoring solutions.


We take pride in recognizing that each branded canopy project is unique. We never take a cookie-cutter approach to any project. With more than 50 years of experience, we have gained a full-spectrum understanding in both the engineered building, branded canopy, and printing industries, to create a “one stop shop” for customers with exciting marketing ideas.

A friendly WeatherPort building specialist is here to walk you through every step of the process, from basic planning, selecting colors, creating custom color patterns, designing a branded canopy with custom graphics or logos, to estimating, and marketing strategy through the execution and delivery.

Contact us today to discuss the details and design a branded canopy that meets your marketing or promotional strategies!

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