Instant Retail and Rental Shops

Versatile and portable shops are key sources of revenue for commercial retail businesses when they’re on the road, exhibiting at conventions or festivals, or expanding seasonal operations. WeatherPort® leads the industry for manufacturing striking pop-up shops and instant retail facilities for commercial use. Our fabric structures are ideally suited for temporary and permanent retail or rental shops.

From sports team memorabilia retailers to local gift stores, our instant retail shops offer the physical retail space needed to effectively display products and accommodate customers as they move through the shop. WeatherPort offers a variety of fabric shelter systems that are ideal for use as retail or rental shops for these types of commercial businesses. These buildings come in small sizes for temporary pop-up shops and outdoor booths, or larger, clear span buildings for more comprehensive or long-term operations.

With WeatherPort’s dedication to creating highly portable and long-lasting fabric buildings of all shapes and sizes, commercial retail businesses can quickly expand their operations with a uniquely versatile instant rental or retail shop. When a seasonal surge of customers requires expansion of your store in order to meet and take advantage of the increased demand, our tensioned fabric buildings are the quick and reliable solution.

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Benefits of Fabric Structures for Instant Retail Shops

Fabric buildings provide a variety of advantages over traditional buildings. Some specific benefits for temporary retail or rental facilities include portability, custom sizing and expansion capabilities, and a ruggedized design.

One of the most notable benefits of tensioned fabric structures for commercial retail facilities is portability. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, WeatherPort fabric buildings can be quickly set up and taken down for efficient transport to a new destination. In the case of sporting businesses and seasonal surges of tourist customers, the versatility of a fabric building provides the opportunity for quick expansion of your sales operations to a reliable, highly durable pop-up shop.

WeatherPort has an extensive list of product options that are fitting for use as instant retail facilities. We also offer completely customizable building solutions. Whether you need a shop with special branding, logos, or an eye-catching design, and a uniquely sized or shaped store expansion facility, our building specialists will work with you to create a retail shop that’s completely tailored to your needs.

WeatherPort retail facilities offer a weatherproof retail solution for outdoor events and can be used seasonally or year-round. High heat during the summer and inclement weather during the winter certainly pose serious financial risk for an instant retail shop. Many off-the-shelf portable buildings are ineffective at reflecting UV rays, and if not engineered like a WeatherPort retail facility, will collapse under heavy winds or snowfall, putting your inventory, staff, and customers at risk. WeatherPort’s instant retail buildings are specifically designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. All WeatherPort retail facilities are engineered to meet local or international building codes to ensure safety and durability.

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Design Your Instant Retail Shop

Is your store expansion a large or small endeavor? Does it have special requirements for HVAC and other systems to make it a standalone facility? How about the style and branding elements? Work with a friendly WeatherPort building specialist to design the ideal instant retail or rental shop to fit your needs.

There are a variety of common applications for fabric retail and rental shops:

  • Pop-up store
  • Mall enclosures
  • Retail overflow facilities
  • Parking lot canopies
  • Trade show booths
  • Food courts
  • Presentation space

The following WeatherPort building models can be used to design your instant retail shop:

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For spring and summer retail expansions where insulation isn’t needed, our canopies are perfect trade booths and parking lot coverings to conduct business in a heavy-duty shade structure. Choose from a range of colors and sizes, with or without side curtains.
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Need something a bit bigger to manage your large scale commercial retail shop in the open air? Our Jubilee series is the perfect choice, with clear span structural design for maximum interior space!
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For instant retail or rental shops in rugged environments or climates, our Heavy Gable Buildings provide the increased strength and durability necessary for a store that offers unmatched safety and durability. Our highly portable HGB Series structuresare available up to 30 feet wide and to any length.
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No need to compromise on size! Our DAGB Series of structures are available up to 150 feet wide and to any length! A clear span design offers incredible durability and maximum use of interior retail space. This series is ideal for larger-scale retail events and operations.
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