Outdoor ranges are often preferred to indoor ranges for their natural open-air setting, more realistic environment, and increased space for movement and additional shooting stations. One way to further improve your outdoor range is to use engineered fabric structures for outdoor shooting complexes and shooting bays.

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Keep Your Outdoor Shooting Range Open Year-Round

Though outdoor shooting ranges don’t require a building, a covered shooting bench protects guests from the elements so they can enjoy shooting year-round. “Shooting bays” are an excellent solution for outdoor shooting ranges.

WeatherPort provides multiple building solutions that are ideally suited to serve as both temporary and permanent shooting stations, including the Canopy Series for one to two lanes and the Jubilee Series for multi-lane outdoor shooting ranges. Both of these building solutions include architectural membranes that can endure prolonged exposure to high solar (UV) loads, hot and cold temperatures, strong winds, rain, and heavy snow to create a weatherproof shooting structure that will last decades — so no matter what the weather, the shooting can go on!

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Picnic Tables underneath a shade structure


WeatherPort offers the Canopy Series for enclosing one or two shooting lanes and the Jubilee Series for covering multiple shooting lanes. You can even custom-design your own 10′ x 10′ canopy with our new quote builder.

Minimize Outdoor Gun Range Construction Timelines & Costs

Need to set up an outdoor gun range quickly, or expand your existing outdoor shooting complex to meet rising demand? WeatherPort fabric buildings can be completely installed onto virtually any level surface (including dirt or gravel) in a matter of minutes to hours, reducing construction schedules to just a fraction of the time required for conventional building methods.

This not only reduces the overall construction schedule of your gun range, but also the overhead costs associated with lengthy construction. Additional cost-saving benefits include:

  • Minimal foundation requirements, resulting in less site preparation and less pre-construction work
  • The ability to use unskilled labor to set up the structures
    Otional plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems, reducing the need for expensive electricians¹
  • Virtually no maintenance required after setup

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¹ A certified electrician may be required to connect the electrical distribution panel to shore power or local power utility. Please check with your local or state requirements.


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