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WeatherPort® Shelters for Golf

Get prepared for golf season by purchasing canopies and shelters for your course or country club now. Canopies can provide protection from weather and shelters can store supplies, golf carts, house security checkpoints, and more. WeatherPort has many different types of canopies and structures to meet your golf course’s needs.


WeatherPort® Commercial Storage

Economic growth in the United States economy in the manufacturing sector will lead to a greater need for commercial storage facilities. As manufacturing production increases more goods will need a safe storing place. You may need a commercial warehouse for your business to store your goods while your outputs increase. You may consider using a fabric structure for your warehouse since they are often cheaper to build than traditional brick-and-mortar structures. WeatherPort Shelter Systems offers a huge variety of storage systems to meet your specific needs.


WeatherPort® Shelters for Archaeology

Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute began digging at the Old Vero Man Site in 2014. Archaeologists are hoping to find evidence of early human life in North America. They use a 24-foot-by-60 foot WeatherPort heavy gable building as a base for their operations. The building supports archaeologists, students, equipment, and artifacts. Check out our video of operations on site at Vero Beach.

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