The Importance of Having a Separate Home Office

Working from home is the new normal these days. Nearly everyone has made unique adjustments to their personal and professional lives since the COVID-19 pandemic affected the majority of communities throughout the world.

A survey by Owl Labs reported that 70% of full-time workers began working from home during COVID-19. The same study found that 92% of workers are expecting to work from home at least one day during the week once the pandemic ends, while 80% expect at least three days.

However, many people work remotely due to the nature of their job regardless of pandemic lockdown mandates.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Separate Home Office?

A separate office is a great addition to your home if you’re required to work remotely and want the benefit of physically and mentally “leaving” work at the end of the day. Or maybe you want a separate home office to work on projects or hobbies during off-hours and would benefit from the additional space.

Regardless of your specific case, having a separate home office improves your work-from-home experience. It improves your productivity and it’s also cost-effective. Here’s a look into how a separate home office supports various aspects of your life.

Saves Time and Money

Many people gained back substantial time since offices started closing — especially from their daily commute.

The average one-way commute time is 27.6 minutes according to a report from the United States Census Bureau. In a single day, Americans are spending around one hour traveling to and from work, which adds up to about 15 days spent on commuting each year.

Workers also save a significant amount of money with a separate home office. You avoid paying for commuting expenses, including tolls and gas, parking passes, potential membership fees for co-working spaces, and even takeout food when you’re away from home. 

For perspective, people are saving an average of $479.20 per month since the start of the pandemic. Having a home office will inevitably keep more time and money in your pocket, leaving more room for the work at hand and staying productive.

Creating a Dedicated Space for Working from Home

Separating your workspace from the rest of your home allows you to be both mentally and physically detached from home life so you can better focus on your day’s work.

A separate home office also provides increased flexibility. Although you may feel in an entirely different world, you’re never too far from home. There isn’t pressure to dress in work attire, meals don’t require a city trek, and you have more free time (thanks to time saved on commuting) to strategize on work tasks and personal activities.

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Ways to Create Your Ideal Home Office 

Creating a separate home office or designated work area is easy if you have the right amount of vacant space. But for those who don’t have an empty spare room, separating your work space from your home space can be more of a challenge.

Luckily, there’s another option.

If you have any available space in your yard, creating a detached home office is a viable solution. And while you can always go the traditional way with wood, cement, and other various materials, fabric shelters are much easier to construct. 

WeatherPort® Shelter Systems provides fabric structures that can easily accommodate your separate home office needs. We offer high-quality, mobile and modular offices that provide peaceful and multipurpose workspaces in any location.

Our fabric shelters are lightweight yet sturdy and are easy to relocate if you ever move in the future. They’re also highly customizable and weatherproof — you won’t have to worry about snow loads or heavy rain pour and wind because they’re just as durable as traditional buildings. 

Our SQ Series fabric shelter is an ideal option for your separate home office. It’s available in widths from 15’ to 30’, any length, and features a quonset hut design with an arched, high-strength frame system. Our GB Series is commonly used for separate home offices as well and is available in widths between 8’ and 20’ with customizable eave heights and lengths. Its straight-wall design facilitates maximum use of your interior space. 

Either fabric shelter will fit seamlessly in your backyard or a vacant area on your property. You can customize all of our fabric buildings to include skylights, windows, and doors for easy access. 

Stay productive with a separate office setup where you’re close enough to feel the comfort and convenience of home, but far enough away to stay focused on your work.

Contact WeatherPort for Your Home Office Needs

For more information about WeatherPort or our mobile and modular fabric shelter offices, contact us today. Email us or request a quote and one of our building specialists will be in touch soon! 

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