Create a Home That Has It All With Fabric Structures

Anyone who has a home with limited space is familiar with the problem of working, exercising, and relaxing. The more time you spend in this space, the less you want to be there.

Whether you’ve long been wanting to add rooms to your home or the recent shelter-in-place orders have you wishing you could do more without leaving the house, the allure of an additional place to escape to is undeniable. But for those without a spare room, basement, garage, or other space to adapt, it may seem like a futile dream.

This is where fabric structures come in. High-quality engineered fabric structures allow you to extend your living space and create specific areas to work, exercise, engage with nature, relax, and more without new construction or repurposing existing space.

Home Office or Workspace

Working from home presents unique challenges. Because we take cues from our surroundings in determining how to act, people who live and work in the same space often feel like they need to be working all the time. When everything around you reminds you of work, getting the rest and relaxation you need can be difficult.

The best way to mentally separate work life and home life when working from home is to physically separate them. Meaning to designate a specific room for working. Problems arise when this sort of space isn’t available and living space and workspace begin to converge.

Fabric structures are a great solution, allowing you to physically separate your workspace from your home without the commute. Yurts, specifically, are ideal for offices and workspaces, as curved walls have been proven to promote productivity and creativity

In addition to removing work cues from your living space, an office in a yurt removes distractions from your workspace. Anyone who works from home understands the struggle not to do the dishes, and fold the laundry. Decorate your yurt office with inspirational objects so you can think creatively, and leave out the distractions. At the end of the day, log off, shut the door to your yurt, and enjoy your evening.

Home Gym

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services recommends that adults get between two and a half and five hours of moderate-intensity exercise every week. We all know that making this happen can be a challenge, but having a home gym can help.

Home gyms simply make it more convenient to work out. No traffic, waiting in line for the workout equipment you want to use, or scheduling around gym hours. They also allow you to avoid bad weather, whether you’re concerned about driving in poor conditions or working out outdoors. 

What’s more, a home gym is yours to do what you like with. Hand-select the equipment you want to use, including any favorite brands. Design a space where you can work out alone, or a space where the whole family can come to exercise. Either way, you’ll enjoy the convenience and privacy of; being able to work out in your own home, without judgment from other gym members, overcrowdedness, sanitation concerns, or smells.

Yurts have been trending as additional fitness studio space for large gyms, but why not create your own fitness studio space in your backyard? If you don’t have a spare room that you can dedicate solely to working out, yurts are the perfect solution. Plus, working out in a beautiful circular space will be a lot more enjoyable than working out in a makeshift space in your garage.

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Backyard Greenhouse

Myriad studies have proven that being in and interacting with nature has positive physical and mental health benefits. And gardening, specifically, has been shown to improve heart health, reduce stress, promote better sleep, and generally increase happiness. So what better way to promote your wellness and create an outdoor getaway than adding a garden to your backyard?

And just as a garden is a great addition to any home, greenhouses are a great addition to any garden: Greenhouses help protect your plants from bad weather and unexpected frost, extend the growing season, keep animals and pests away, grow exotic plants you otherwise wouldn’t be able to grow, and enable you to have beautiful, fresh-cut flowers year-long. These structures add beauty and appeal your yard and is a warm place to enjoy your gardening hobby during winter.

While some types of greenhouses are difficult to construct or move when your landscaping needs change. However, fabric greenhouse structures are quick and easy to both set up and relocate. These structures come in many different sizes to meet varying gardening and spatial needs.

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Backyard Cabana or Gazebo

A final necessity for any fully equipped home is a place to sit and relax outside, and a cabana or gazebo is the perfect solution.

While custom-designing and constructing a cabana or gazebo may be cost-prohibitive and time-consuming, and many off-the-shelf options are too flimsy for long-term use, engineered fabric canopy structures offer the best of both worlds. 

Fabric cabanas and gazebos provide the perfect place for you to lounge, read, or eat a meal in the shade. Create a sheltered space where your little ones can play for hours, or cover your hot tub for use yearlong. Whatever you want to do outside, these structures are an easy way to add usable outdoor space to your home.

And with WeatherPort’s new canopy builder tool, you can even custom-design a 10′ x 10′ canopy for your backyard from the comfort of your home.

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Add to Your Home With Fabric Structures From WeatherPort

Whether you want to add one of these spaces to your home or all of them, WeatherPort® has the right fabric structure for you.

Our backyard greenhouses and greenhouse kits can’t be beat in either quality or reliability, our cabanas and gazebos can be configured to meet your exact needs, and our luxury steel-frame yurts are perfect for a home office, home gym, or just about any other home addition you can imagine.

Whatever type of space and structure you choose, all WeatherPort fabric structures:

  • Are engineered for rapid setup with minimal skill
  • Have minimal foundation requirements, allowing you to anchor your structure to just about any level surface
  • Are made of high-strength galvanized steel or aircraft-grade aluminum frame systems and architectural membranes that have a higher resistance to abrasion, will not rot, are mold- and mildew-resistant, and exceed the fire safety requirements outlined in the California Code of Regulations for membrane structures
  • Require virtually no maintenance once set up
  • Are engineered for durability and longevity, ensuring decades of use

For more information about WeatherPort yurts, greenhouses, cabanas and gazebos, or our other building solutions, please contact us using the following:

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