Sports Facilities


Nine Cost-Saving Reasons Why Colleges & Universities Choose Fabric Buildings for Their Athletic Facilities

One of the major expenses of college athletic programs are the university’s athletic facilities, indoor facilities can be especially costly. Universities have options to keep costs low when building indoor athletic facilities, including fabric athletic facilities. For example, Colorado Mesa University uses a fabric building for their indoor sports training facilities. More colleges and universities should consider using fabric buildings because they are less expensive than traditional construction, offer the same quality as traditional buildings, are portable, and adjustable. Fabric buildings also allow schools with smaller budgets to have quality indoor facilities which boost the morale of student athletes.


Six Reasons to Buy a Swimming Pool Enclosure

Pools are a popular feature for homes, and many love sunbathing and taking a dip in the summer. However, pools aren’t only for summer use; with a pool enclosure you can have year-round swimming, just one its benefits. The other benefits of pool enclosures are increased safety, more privacy, cleaner water, reduced chemical use, and lower maintenance costs. A great option for a pool enclosure is a fabric enclosure, such as the structures WeatherPort makes. Learn more about these benefits and how you can improve your swimming season with a pool enclosure.

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