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Fabric Structures for Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Centers

Has your physical therapy center had an increase in appointment cancellations since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic?   If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. Cancellations are one of the most pressing issues currently facing physical therapy rehabilitation centers.  At the start of the pandemic, Alice Bell, a physical therapist and senior payment specialist at the American Physical Therapy

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Advantages of Improving Parks, Community Facilities, and Event Spaces With Fabric Structures

Public facilities are an essential part of a healthy, thriving community. In a recent survey, the Center for Active Design (CfAD) found that people that live near popular parks report a more significant community connection and satisfaction with local government. Community event spaces bring ideas, culture, and entertainment to everyone in the community, including those that might not otherwise have

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Fabric Buildings Create Innovative Indoor Recreational Facilities

There are many benefits of public sports facilities and fitness centers, and engineered structures offer the versatility and durability to make these facilities most beneficial.


Elevating Guest Experiences with Better Golf Course Facilities

No matter how pretty a golf course is, or how well the grounds are maintained, golf courses that lack quality facilities and amenities will lose the ability to attract and retain business.  As with many customer-oriented entertainment industries, the quality of many parts work together to create an overall positive customer experience and generate return business. In addition to beautifully

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Six Reasons Why Colleges & Universities Choose Fabric Buildings for Their Athletic Facilities

One of the major expenses of college athletic programs are the university’s athletic facilities, indoor facilities can be especially costly. Universities have options to keep costs low when building indoor athletic facilities, including fabric athletic facilities. For example, Colorado Mesa University uses a fabric building for their indoor sports training facilities. More colleges and universities should consider using fabric buildings because they are less expensive than traditional construction, offer the same quality as traditional buildings, are portable, and adjustable. Fabric buildings also allow schools with smaller budgets to have quality indoor facilities which boost the morale of student athletes.


7 Ways a Fabric Sports Facility is Better Than a Stadium

Almost anywhere in the world, the elements make it difficult to play outdoor sports year round. Whether you live in the coldest arctic region or the hottest desert, athletes can’t play in extreme weather with peak performance. Instead of building a stadium, one option could be to use a fabric structure to protect athletes and have longer sporting seasons. Fabric structures are more durable than ever and are even superior to traditional stadiums for seven reasons. Fabric structures have better sound, no dangerous beams, can adapt to any climate, can be customized, have natural light, energy efficient and are portable.


WeatherPort® for Sports and Recreation

WeatherPort Sorts Facilities can host a number of recreational activities and events. Professional teams, universities, and communities use our facilities for their sporting events as well as training and practices. Our structures have many options while being easily and quickly set up. If you are planning to build a sports facility learn more about our structures to help make the best decision for your arena.


Customize Your WeatherPort® with Graphics and Branding!

When you have a stand or table at large events and fairs it’s important that you stand out to attract customers to your product and services. No matter what you offer, a customized canopy with your business name makes your business seem more professional and will help you attract more business at the fair or expo. WeatherPort Shelter System offers customizable canopies for such large events. You can work with a member of our team to design the best structure for your needs and business.


Rodeo and Horse Arenas

WeatherPort designs facilities for many types of businesses, personal uses, and events such as rodeo shows and other horse-related activities. Our facilities are great for auctions, horse boarding, corrals, showmanship arenas, and more. If you are looking for a structure for these types of events, you may want to consider using a fabric building. There are many advantages to choosing a fabric structure instead of a brick-and-mortar building for your equine activities.

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