Vlog: Falmouth Outdoor Learning Project

In 2020, Falmouth’s Outdoor Learning Committee purchased 10 outdoor classrooms from WeatherPort in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Knowing online and remote education wasn’t a long-term solution, the Falmouth School District brought students, parents, teachers and the community together to provide school children with in-person, outdoor learning opportunities. The program was a success, and outdoor learning is there to stay!

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Vlog: Behind the Scenes at WeatherPort & an Amusement Park Adventure

Ever wonder how an industry-leading manufacturing facility operates? In this episode, Kaleigh takes you where the WeatherPort magic happens: Delta, Colorado. WeatherPort engineers show Kaleigh exactly how a fabric building is made, from cutting the metal to shipment. Meet the dedicated team that works hard to engineer and build the highest quality fabric structures for customers in more than 85

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Guide to Expanding and Building Summer Camps

In the U.S., the business of summer camps is an $18 billion industry, providing memory-making experiences for over 14 million people every year. Summer camps provide participants a chance to make friends, develop skills, and discover new interests. It’s never too early to begin planning and designing the construction, improvement, or expansion of summer camp facilities. Planning ahead will enable

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