Outdoor Classroom Grants: What You Need to Know

COVID-19 has forced many schools to adopt safer in-person learning methods for students. Deployable outdoor classrooms are a popular option given their ability to support social distancing, maximize air circulation, and relocate or expand if needed. However, not all schools have the immediate funds to finance new facilities. This is where outdoor classroom grants come in. What Are Grants? Grants

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Guide to Expanding and Building Summer Camps

In the U.S., the business of summer camps is an $18 billion industry, providing memory-making experiences for over 14 million people every year. Summer camps provide participants a chance to make friends, develop skills, and discover new interests. It’s never too early to begin planning and designing the construction, improvement, or expansion of summer camp facilities. Planning ahead will enable

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How Playground Shelters Increase Outdoor Time for Students

As the leading supplier of engineered fabric structures, WeatherPort® Shelter Systems products are trusted by thousands of customers spanning the globe. In academic communities, WeatherPort’s playground shelters are now helping schools adapt to a more outdoor-driven educational environment. Their custom-designed, weather-proof structures stand alone, so you can place them anywhere to get school children closer to the outdoors. Benefits of

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Outdoor Facilities for Growing Schools

Elementary and secondary educational institutions have mounting challenges to address in order to maintain standards of quality for academics and facilities. Especially as the population of students continues to increase. The way we’re looking at traditional school structures is evolving as a result of COVID-19. From playground shelters and athletic facilities to lunchrooms, cafeterias, and other common areas, growing student

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