7 Ways a Fabric Sports Facility is Better Than a Stadium

In nearly every part of the world, playing outdoor sports year-round isn’t a reality. Whether you’re in the brutal cold regions of northern Alaska or simply trying to keep your athletes safe in the raw heat of Arizona, it might be time to consider implementing a fabric shelter system for your outdoor arena. There are plenty of reasons to choose a fabric building system for any application, but these specific advantages of a fabric sports facility should make you think twice about investing in an old-school brick-and-mortar stadium.

  1. Better Sound

Due to the nature of the material, sound naturally reverberates without becoming tinny or overly loud and distorted. Athletes on the field will experience better audible understanding of their coaches and teammates without being too overwhelmed by crowd noise. Plus, if you’re planning to use your fabric sports facility as a multi-purpose arena, you’ll be able to enjoy improved acoustics during concerts or live performances.

  1. No Dangerous or Annoying Beams

Fabric building systems don’t require interior supports, meaning your fans will be able to see all of the action unobstructed. Athletes won’t have to worry about colliding with support beams and can focus on the game in progress.

  1. Adaptable to Any Climate

Weather is no obstacle to fabric building systems. Rain, shine, or heavy snowfall, your fabric sports arena from WeatherPort® can withstand the toughest climates and conditions while keeping your crowd comfortable at the same time. Heating and cooling options are available as part of our sports arenas, as is improved insulation capabilities and passive ventilation methods.

  1. Custom Sizing

WeatherPort Sports Facilities can be constructed to virtually any size requirement. Whether its a football field, basketball court, or equestrian arena, we can provide you a design to your specifications with plenty of room to grow in the future.

  1. Natural Light

Thanks to fabric’s translucent nature, light will enter your custom sports arena from every direction. The reflective capabilities come into play when you move inside, as light from your artificial sources will bounce around to the darkest corners of the room. 

  1. Energy Efficiency

PVC fabric’s reflectivity benefit your bottom line, too. Solar energy reflects off the outside surface of your building, reducing your cooling costs and lessening the strain on your HVAC system.

  1. Portability

You can’t pack up and move a concrete stadium. With a fabric sports arena, you have the ability to relocate your facility to take advantage of seasonal events, more attractive geographical locations, and improvements to your existing property. Plus, adding a new wing or section of your fabric building system is as easy as making a slight modification and implementing the additional structure.

Forward-thinking team owners and administrators owe it to their team and their fans to consider a modern alternative to costly stadiums and brick-and-mortar event centers. Advances in fabric structure technology and engineering make a WeatherPort Sports Facility a no-brainer. To speak with a building representative about a custom design for your team or organization, use the contact form or call WeatherPort at +1-970-399-5909.

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