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WeatherPort Commercial Storage

Economic growth in the United States economy in the manufacturing sector will lead to a greater need for commercial storage facilities. As manufacturing production increases more goods will need a safe storing place. You may need a commercial warehouse for your business to store your goods while your outputs increase. You may consider using a fabric structure for your warehouse since they are often cheaper to build than traditional brick-and-mortar structures. WeatherPort Shelter Systems offers a huge variety of storage systems to meet your specific needs.



The self-storage industry is booming with almost 11 million households renting self-storage units in the United States in 2013. The cost of renting a unit isn’t always the most economical for households. A 10ft by 10ft unit costs $115 dollars on average a month, and on average people use units for two years. Without paying for any extra features like climate control, after the two years, you will spend around $2800. An alternative to renting storage space is to buy your own storage unit. WeatherPort Shelter Systems makes fabric structures you can use to store your belongings. They can have insulation, HVAC systems, and more optional features to best protect your things.

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