WeatherPort® Applications for Sports and Recreation

Our highlight of potential applications of WeatherPort Structures touched on our popular sports facilities, so we wanted to go further and explain more about the ways sports teams, schools, community centers, and cities are using WeatherPort Sports Facilities for their recreational activities and events.

WeatherPort Indoor Football Field.

Football players gather outside of a WeatherPort DAGB Series Indoor Practice Field.

WeatherPort portable tent buildings have been trusted to provide comfortable, appealing, and effective shelter systems for over 40 years. We’ve grown our business to provide more industries with our reliable fabric structures and the response has been staggering.

Professional sports teams use our facilities for seasonal indoor gymnasiums and practice fields. Due to their insulated and durable design, athletes in any climate can practice in a warm, safe environment without having to factor in poor weather during their preparation. Though we can help you choose a facility that best suits your space and needs, WeatherPort structures can be constructed on nearly any foundation or surface. Whether you need to shelter an outdoor football field, asphalt basketball court, or cover a rodeo arena, WeatherPort Shelter Systems has a solution for your organization.

WeatherPort Gymnasium

College students play basketball inside a WeatherPort DAGB Series Recreation Center.

We offer two different base structures: Heavy Gable Buildings and Great Truss Gable Buildings. Suited for different budgets and purposes, both buildings are adaptable depending on the required use of the buyer. Heavy Gable Buildings are designed for smaller uses, so covering an outdoor pool or sheltering your field maintenance equipment are both ideal applications. Great Truss Gable Buildings are better suited for covering large areas (up to 150 feet wide) and can withstand wind, rain, snow, and hail. A covered gymnasium, practice field, or tennis court are all possible with WeatherPort’s Great Truss Gable Buildings.

Contact WeatherPort today to find out how our sports facilities can bring your athletes in from the rain and cold. Call us at +1-970-399-5909 or use the contact form found here.

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