How Tensioned Fabric Buildings Provide Additional Revenue Streams for Hotels and Resorts

Predictions for the hotel and resort industry foretell strong increases in both occupancy and revenue. The strong economy and new tax cuts have helped spur this growth. New hotel construction has ramped up to meet the demand, with an increase of nearly six percent  predicted between 2015 and the end of 2018. Occupancy is up too, and the result could be stagnation of revenue per room. Hoteliers are looking for alternative revenue streams, and industry experts say that hotels must think outside the box to stay relevant and stand out from the crowd of new hotels and resorts to draw consumers to their property.

Offer Hotel Guests a Unique Experiences

When they are looking for a place to stay, people look for fun and unique experiences. Some ideas for such an experience are:

  • Spa packages with massage, sauna, and manicures
  • Private cabanas for a romantic dinner experience

Omni Bedford Springs Resort offers guests the experience of making s’mores. The hotel provides the ingredients and the fire pit. A nearby bar offers drinks to enhance the experience and the potential for increased revenue.

Target a Niche Market

Design your hotel around a particular group of people that may not otherwise feel welcomed at hotels and resorts. Dog owners and families with small children are two examples of target groups who would likely pay more for a hotel that offers such amenities as a dogs-only pool or includes family activities or a family entertainment center.

How to Generate Revenue from Underused Spaces

If your grounds have a beautiful garden, get the most out of that investment by renting out space for special occasions such as weddings or family reunions. Give photographers the use of your property for photo shoots. The key is to make the space as multi-use as you can, so you can draw revenue from unexpected sources.

Pop-up businesses are a $50 billion industry, and savvy hotel and resort managers are taking advantage. Industry insiders have seen a 20 percent increase in ancillary revenue for hotels that partner with pop-up businesses.

Ways to Increase Food and Beverage Revenue for Hotels

According to Robert Habeeb, CEO of First Hospitality Group Inc., “beverage is back with a vengeance,” noting that the three rooftop bars his group has opened make their hotels stand out, and have great profit margins. New York City hotels have led the rooftop trend, and cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles are benefitting as well. Outdoor seating is a popular choice for hotel patrons, and it can help increase profits.

Marcus Hotels and Resorts have a unique take on offering a food and beverage experience — food trucks for the golf course. The hotel began offering food truck service at one of their resorts because it had no clubhouse. Unlike the relatively large expenditure of a restaurant, the food truck showed a return on investment in a year. The food truck can also be used for events and at other locations around the resort property.  

How Tensioned Fabric Buildings Help Hotels to Increase Revenue

Rooftop bars, food truck seating, and nights spent roasting s’mores have one thing in common, and that is their seasonality. Rain and weather can hurt your outdoor business endeavor. The elements don’t have to put a damper on your revenue stream when viable outdoor structures are available.

WeatherPort®TM offer rugged and reliable alternatives to traditional buildings. Whereas a brick-and-mortar rooftop bar may take months or years to design and build, an engineered fabric structures can be set up in a matter of hours or days, depending on the building size and scope. Tensioned fabric buildings from WeatherPort™ do not require expensive construction crews and offer hotels the ability to quickly transform a rooftop space or outdoor setting into a unique and customer-attracting experience. Additionally, the shorter construction schedule means hotel guest are not as likely to be inconvenienced compared the lengthy and noisy construction needed to build a brick-and-mortar building.

Every tensioned fabric building from WeatherPort™ is custom designed and engineered to meet your building requirement. Our fabric structures are engineered to meet local or international building codes for safety and durability. Once setup, a WeatherPort™ fabric structure is virtually maintenance free. The tensioned membrane is made of a proprietary blend of materials, perfected over 50 years of proven experience, and offers a greater abrasion resistance than other tensioned fabrics. WeatherPort™ tensioned membranes are also designed to withstand prolonged exposure to high solar loads. We employ a stabilizing agent into the production of our architectural membranes versus relying on the cheaper method of UV coating, which is highly susceptible to cracking and deteriorating with time. Additionally, WeatherPort’s fabric membranes will not rot, are mold and mildew resistant, and exceed the fire safety requirements outlined in California’s Code of Regulations for tensioned membrane structures. Gain peace of mind knowing your hotel guests, staff, grounds, and facility will be kept safe using an engineered fabric building from WeatherPort!

Our Canopy Series of fabric structures are designed for any outdoor use. The outdoor canopy structure from WeatherPort™ is available with a high-strength, galvanized steel or lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum frame system. Our architectural membranes are tensioned over the frame system to provide a unique shape when compared with the typical pop-up canopy tents. Available in a wide selection of fabric colors and patterns, the WeatherPort™ Canopy can be designed to stand out for safety, blend in with the natural surroundings, create an elegant and private outdoor setting, or be designed to match the color scheme of your existing hotel, resort, or golf course buildings. Go the extra mile and brand your canopy structure with your resort’s logo!

The WeatherPort™ Canopy Series is available in a four-sided canopy, six-sided canopy, and eight-sided canopy configurations. All our outdoor canopy structures can be equipped with side curtains that quickly and easily attach, or roll-up and down for privacy or protection from inclement weather. The canopy side curtains are available in many designs with different window and screen patterns.

Here are some ideas how a hotel, resort, or golf course can use a canopy structures to attract and create unique guest experiences, as well as generate additional revenue:

  • Cover a firepit with one of our six-sided canopies and give your guests the camping experience of making s’mores, even if it is raining outside.
  • Create a market using outdoor canopy structures and giving local artists a chance to sell their handmade jewelry, clothing, and crafts. Why not use the opportunity to give guests a taste of your hotel restaurants by offering free samples of deliciously prepared menu items and confirm bookings at the same time?
  • Elevate your guests experience by converting a rooftop space to a rooftop bar.
  • If your resort has a golf course but no clubhouse, take advantage of the booming food truck industry and provide hungry golfers with some needed food and beverages on the course! An outdoor canopy structure can quickly be setup alongside the food truck to create a covered seating area.
  • Create private cabanas for outdoor spa treatments, pool-side shelter, or luxury beach gazebos.
  • Does your hotel, resort, or golf course offer valet service? Provide guests with a covered parking structure to wait while their vehicle is retrieved, protected from the bitter cold weather of winter or the blistering heat of summer.
  • Host outdoor weddings, business gatherings, family reunions, and other events with an outdoor event structure from WeatherPort™.

  • Transform any outdoor area into an amphitheater with a stage cover, and delight guests with intimate performances from local musicians.
  • Enclose your hotel’s outdoor pool with an attractive pool enclosure and give guests the ability to enjoy swimming year-round, not to mention reducing heating costs, reducing chemical usage, and increasing pool safety.

The possibility of earning revenue from unexpected places is limited only by your imagination. WeatherPort’s engineered fabric structures offer the highest quality, longest-lasting, and most rugged canopy structures available. With minimal foundation requirements, our structures can be setup and securely anchored to nearly any level outdoor surface, including: dirt, gravel, sand, concrete, or asphalt. Our engineered fabric structures are designed for portability allowing them to be quickly setup and taken down seasonally, or left in place as a permanent building solution and used year-round.

Contact us today to speak with a member of our design team and discuss how an engineered fabric structure can help your hotel, resort, or golf-course start generating additional revenue!


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