Install Your WeatherPort® on Any Foundation

Brave-Cave-tentEasy installation and secure anchoring to any surface with minimal site preparation are hallmarks of WeatherPort fabric buildings. Our design and engineering allow our fabric tension structures the versatility to be firmly affixed to an extensive variety of foundation options to meet each project’s requirements.

WeatherPort™ warehouses are ideal fabric buildings for large distributors. Our greenhouses are just as suitable for large commercial operations as they are for local nurseries. High schools, universities and professional teams know they can count on WeatherPort sports facilities in any climate. WeatherPort dining halls are durable, attractive additions to worksite camps, banquet centers and resorts.

WeatherPort fabric membrane structures are ideally suited for safe anchoring to these foundation types:

• Concrete
• Building Pads
• Wood Platforms

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Concrete Foundations

40x60-Storage-Buildings-Metal-Door-Red-GreyConcrete foundations are a superb option for creating a clean ground surface and maximizing the stability of your fabric building. You can easily attach WeatherPort Fabric Buildings to concrete foundations by using concrete wedges, sleeves and/or expansion anchors. Concrete is an ideal foundation type for larger buildings such as gable truss warehouses.

If you plan to keep your WeatherPort building in one place for an extended period of time, our engineers recommend you use concrete in any of these forms:

• Precast Concrete Blocks (Ecology Blocks)
• Poured-In-Place (PIP) Concrete Walls
• PIP Concrete Slab-On-Grade
• Precast Slab Sections
• Subgrade Continuous Footers
• Subgrade Pier Footers

Anchoring to Wood Foundations

Ski-Rental-Shop-Porch-Heavy-Gable-Building-HGBWood is a solid choice as a foundation platform for camp tents, cabins and temporary housing, and you can easily attach your WeatherPort Fabric Building using lag bolts. If your project requires fabric tension structures to be anchored to shipping containers, skids, or trailers, you can easily bolt or weld a WeatherPort to the supporting structure.

Anchoring to Non-Foundation Surfaces

Not every project requires concrete foundations, and WeatherPort offers other safe, strong and field-tested anchoring options that reduce costs associated with site preparation and construction times. One-half-inch (1/2”) diameter spikes and/or duckbill anchors are popular options for anchoring directly into level ground. These are great options for portable fabric structures such as party tents, as well as small and some medium-sized buildings such as garages and carports.

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  • WeatherPort Shelter Systems™ (WP) is a Colorado based business that custom-designs high-performance fabric buildings for any application. Our custom-built structures offer an unmatched level of portability and long-lasting durability. Since opening our doors in 1968, we have successfully produced and delivered engineered fabric structures to more than 85 countries!

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