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3 Tips for Great Greenhouse Growing

Greenhouses are gaining popularity to grow specific plants or personal food supply since they protect plants from the elements. Optimal growth doesn’t come just from using a greenhouse, however, and there are three things gardeners should do for their greenhouse plants. Gardeners must control the climate, monitor humidity, and choose the right soil for the plants. Following the tips in this guide, as well as using an energy-efficient and durable greenhouse will help give plants what they need to survive.


Northwest Flower and Garden Show

If you are in the Seattle area, please check us out at the annual Northwest Flow and Garden Show at the Washington Convention Center. This February we will be showcasing one of our greenhouse structures, a portable 6-foot-by-4-foot Garden Port. Greenhouses are necessary if you are looking to extend the growing season for your crops or want to protect special plants. We would love for you to stop by our booth if you are a hobbyist, retailer, or commercial grower because we have structures to support any type of growing operation.


GrowPort Cannabis Greenhouses

You may be considering growing cannabis as more states legalize recreational and medical marijuana. If you want to join the legal cannabis market as a grower you will need the right support for your operation. Growing cannabis requires a lot of care and diligence and you must invest in the right equipment. Grow tents must have proper lighting, ventilation, and watering systems, drying rooms, and other tools for a successful operation. WeatherPort offers GrowPorts designed to support all aspects of legal cannabis operations, as well as bonus features such as panic doors.


Install Your WeatherPort® on Any Foundation

One of the great benefits of using WeatherPort Shelters is that you can set up them up on any surface with minimal site prep. This allows businesses and hobbyists alike to use our structures to suit their needs. The design of our shelters is suitable for many foundation types and different purposes such as warehouses and sports facilities. This guide will instruct you on how to anchor your WeatherPort Shelter on different foundation types including concrete, wood, and building pads.

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