Eco-Friendly, Versatile Options for Modernizing Outdoor Camps

Comfort, cost and quality are the top priorities for those looking to venture into the great outdoors. 

Whether a customer is seeking a low-cost fishing trip or a five-star camping experience, WeatherPort® Shelter Systems offers camp shelters that’ll fit any adventure.

We engineer fabric structures and camp systems with the highest-quality materials, hand-crafted in the great state of Colorado. 

Since opening our doors in 1968, WeatherPort has custom-designed, manufactured, and delivered camp and building solutions to more than 65 countries!

WeatherPort Ground Blinds

WeatherPort ground blinds are high-grade, easy-to-assemble tents that’ll keep you fully safe and out of focus while you hunt with an array of options for your specific hunting excursion. 

We focus on premium hub-style hunting blinds, which can be successfully deployed and left in place for an entire hunting season, or even for year-round hunting.

American-made and built to provide a great experience for any hunter, WeatherPort ground blinds are custom-designed; choose from our selection of colors and patterns (including camouflage) to conceal yourself in any environment, including the windiest and snowiest. 

We engineer a range of building models, sizes, window and door options, and lighting and electrical systems

You could even add an insulation package as well as a wood-burning, gas, or electric stove to enjoy a cozy retreat after a long day of hunting in the cold weather.

Permanent and Semi-Permanent Camps

Whether you’re planning a private outdoor getaway or have guests accompanying you, WeatherPort has permanent and semi-permanent cabins and camps with an array of custom options to consider.

“The 2022 North American Camping Report is an annual research initiative detailing the camping habits and preferences of North America’s campers.”

Data collected from the Annual North American Camping Report

  • In 2021, more than 93.8 million North American households considered themselves campers.
  • Camping accounted for 40% of all leisure trips taken in 2021 with more than half of travelers (53%) including camping in some or all of their travel.
  • A new trend, urban residents are one of the most avid camping segments – 44% of this group plan to replace a leisure trip with a camping trip in 2022.
  • RVing is at an all-time high, with 11 million RV owners camping last year, and two million new RV renters in 2021.

Camp Accommodations And Capacity

Keep things simple with enough space for a single guest or your individual needs. If you need a larger space to accommodate multiple guests for the ultimate luxury camping experience, we have options that can meet any level and withstand any weather condition.

WeatherPort’s private cabins are engineered with fabric and hard-wall partition systems that can be positioned nearby rivers or lakeside, in forests and more to exceed your trip expectations!

 Our wide range of building models are available from 8’ to 150’ wide with adjustable eave heights.

WeatherPort’s 8’ and 10’ wide GB series is very popular with guides and outfitters looking to provide guests with their accommodations, commonly used for vacation rentals or getaway homes due to its straight wall design. 

For camp operators seeking a larger structure for additional guest space with two or more parties in the same structure, our 12’ and 14’ wide GB Series or larger HGB series work great for multiple-person camping trips.

If you’d like to keep things on the smaller or simpler side, our arch-style SQ series and 12’ to 30’ yurts are popular for those looking to glamp in a cozy yet luxurious setup with options to add windows, dome skylights, loft systems and more. 

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For those looking to take their outdoor adventures to new heights in the mountains or deep in thick forests, we have rugged, high-grade camp structures suitable for base camps that protect you and guests from the harsh and sometimes unexpected weather at any altitude. 

The SQ Series is a favorite among guides and outfitters for its lightweight and portable components, as well as ease of setup and take down.

WeatherPort shelters are built for extreme environments. 

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you and your guests will be kept safe in a warm base camp that awaits you after a full day of outdoor adventures.


Individual owners, camp operators, guides, and outfitters have invested in WeatherPort’s state-of-the-art fabric structures and camp systems for decades. Some technical features to note include:


WeatherPort offers the unmatched ability to completely customize a structure (or series of building systems) to meet your exact needs.

Unlike big box stores or other manufacturers that produce a standard, “one-fits-all” building to keep costs down, our experts will work with you, your camp manager, or lead guides to design the ultimate outdoor structure for any functional or environmental challenges.

Durability and Longevity

WeatherPort prioritizes safety over everything. We engineer structures that can take on any weather or climate. 

Take our tensioned fabric membranes, for example.

While most companies use polyethylene (PE) because it’s cheaper to produce, we use a proprietary PVC-based blend perfected over 50 years that’ll keep your structure in like-new shape for years to come. It is:

  • Mold- and mildew-resistant, keeping rot at bay
  • UV-stabilized, with an ability to endure prolonged exposure to high amounts of solar radiation
  • Abrasion-resistant, meeting the California Code of Regulations for fire safety
  • Capable of enduring 15 to 20 years of use in climates as low as -80˚F to as high as +130˚F 

Easy Installation and Portability

Whether you intend to set up your private cabins, yurts, or guest shelters seasonally or year-round, you’ll enjoy their quick and easy setup and take down.

Our structures are high-strength but maintain a lightweight build, and are engineered to anchor into most ground types securely. They’re designed with a minimal tool requirement, too, so you can easily transport it to your camp’s location and have it set up in no time.


For over 50 years, our engineered fabric structures have reached some of the farthest corners on Earth and been used for nearly every building application imaginable.

It’s a testament to the amazing customer loyalty, ability to custom-design, engineering, and adaptability of WeatherPort structures.

Take a look at some of our testimonials here.  


Contact WeatherPort today to speak with a friendly building specialist about your private cabin, yurt, guide or outfitting camp, ground blind, or base camp requirement! 

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