Eco-Friendly, Versatile Options for Modernizing Outdoor Camps

Comfort, cost, and quality are the top priorities for most customers considering venturing into the great outdoors and using a guide or outfitter. Priorities depend on the audience; whether the customer is seeking the most reliably positive experience for the cost, or wanting a five-star guest experience from an established adventure or summer camp operator. The same goes for anyone looking for hunting or fishing camps.


WeatherPort engineers fabric structures and camp systems for all of these needs with the highest quality materials, hand-crafted in the great state of Colorado. Since opening our doors in 1968, WeatherPort has custom designed, manufactured, and delivered camp and building solutions to more than 65 countries!


WeatherPort Ground Blinds


A ground blind is a simple camouflaged tent to conceal oneself while hunting. There are many types of ground blinds, each has its advantages and disadvantages. WeatherPort focuses on premium hub-style hunting blinds. While heavier than more lightweight tent options, our ground blinds can be deployed and left in place for an entire hunting season, or for year-round hunting.


American-made, and built to provide the best experience for any hunter, WeatherPort ground blinds are custom designed by selecting from a wide range of models, sizes, window and door options, and lighting and electrical systems to create the ultimate ground blind! Add an insulation package, as well as a wood-burning, gas, or electric stove and enjoy a cozy retreat after a long day of hunting in the cold weather. Choose from a selection of colors and patterns (including camouflage) to conceal hunter(s) in different environments.


Beyond offering the ability to custom design a ground blind for your hunting needs, all WeatherPort structures are engineered to meet the specific wind and snow loads of your favorite hunting location to ensure safety and durability.


Permanent and Semi-Permanent Camps


Whether you are privately glamping, or setting up a permanent or semi-permanent camp and/or cabins for guests to rent out, there are a few base line standards to consider.


Camp Accommodations And Capacity


If you’re venturing out on your own, and you don’t mind sleeping on the ground or waking up to your air mattress floating inside your tent after a night of heavy rain, you may be able to get away with a simple camping tent. For individuals seeking a weatherproof shelter system, capable of withstanding the worst weather conditions, as well as camp operators charging guests a premium for an outdoor experience, a higher level of accommodations is required.


WeatherPort private cabins can be custom designed to meet your level of accommodations. With fabric and hard-wall partition systems, a single camp structure can be configured to provide luxury accommodations for single parties or multiple guests.


Our 8’- and 10’-wide GB Series are very popular with guides and outfitters looking to provide guests with their own accommodations. For camp operators seeking a larger structure either for additional guest space to enjoy or to accommodate two or more parties in the same structure, our 12’- and 14’-wide GB Series are a great straight-wall building solution!


WeatherPort offers a wide range of building models, available from 8’- to 150’-wide. Adjustable eave heights, as well as configurable to any length, our building specialists can custom design a camp structure to accommodate your individual camp needs, or the needs of your guests.


Complete Camp Systems and Base Camps


For those looking to take their outdoor adventures to new heights and outfitters looking to provide guests with superior accommodations, WeatherPort Base Camp Shelters have been accommodating climbing expeditions for decades. This type of extremely rugged camp structure will allow you to setup a base camp and safely protect you and guests from the harsh and sometimes unexpected weather at altitude. The SQ Series is a proven shelter system, and a favorite among guides and outfitters for it’s lightweight and portable components, as well as ease of setup and take down.


WeatherPort shelters, are built for extreme environments. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you and your guests will be kept safe, and a warm base camp awaits you and your guests return after an amazing day full of adventure in the great outdoors.


Individual owners, camp operators, guides and outfitters that have chosen to invest in quality structures and camp system from WeatherPort structures for the following reasons:



  • Customization: WeatherPort offers the unmatched ability to completely customize a structure (or series of building systems) to meet your exact needs. Unlike big box stores, as well as other manufactures, to keep costs down, they produce a “standard” building, and that is what you get. WeatherPort structures are not off the shelf systems. We work with you, your camp manager, or lead guides to design the ultimate outdoor structure that will meet any challenge, functional or environmental.
  • Durability and Longevity: If the ability to custom design a fabric structure to meet your building needs wasn’t enough, WeatherPort goes the extra mile to engineer each structure to meet the wind and snow loads for your location(s). We take safety very seriously, and understand in extreme situations, our engineered fabric structures can and have saved lives. In addition to engineering our fabric buildings for safety, we also engineer them for durability and longevity. Take our tensioned fabric membranes, for example. While most other companies use polyethylene (PE) because it is cheaper to produce, we use a proprietary PVC-based blend perfected over 50 years that will not rot, is mold and mildew resistant, is UV stabilized and able to endure prolonged exposure to high amounts of solar radiation, offers greater abrasion resistance, meets California Code of Regulations for fire safety, and is capable of enduring 15-20 years of use in climates as low as -80˚F to as high as +130˚F. No other shelter company goes to such lengths to ensure the durability or longevity of their building systems.  


  1. Easy Installation and Portability: All WeatherPort structures are designed for portability. Whether you intend to setup your private cabin, or guest shelters seasonally, or leave them up year round – you’ll enjoy the thought and attention put into the design of our structure systems when it comes time to setup or take down. Especially in cold or hot climates, we understand the last thing you want to do is stay outside longer than you have to, fidgeting and lining up screws and bolts. For this reason, we have designed our structures with a minimal tool requirement, so you can easily transport your structure to your camp’s location and quickly complete the setup! Additionally, WeatherPort structures are engineered to securely anchor to most ground types for safety.
  2. Versatility: Over a period of 50 years, our engineered fabric structures have been used for nearly every building application imaginable, in some of the furthest corners, and in the most inhospitable places on Earth. The versatility of our building systems is unmatched. It is not uncommon to hear from our customers years later, sharing their stories how they are using their WeatherPort! And many times, for a different purpose than the initially intended purpose. It’s a  testament to the amazing customer loyalty, ability to custom design, engineering, and adaptability of WeatherPort structures.


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