How Engineered Fabric Buildings Can Build Top-Performing Car Dealerships

The automobile has held its grip on the American imagination ever since the post-war boom. Selling cars can be a lucrative business, and the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) reports that used car sales are set to reach their highest level since 2015. The public demands affordable vehicles, and dealers are responding by emphasizing their used vehicle operations.

You may have had some success selling cars on your own, or maybe you’ve got a nice collection of restored classic cars that you’d like to turn into cash; whatever the reason, you may have decided that now is a good time to get into the business of selling cars. You’re right, and here’s how you can do it.

Your Car Inventory

First of all, you will need to decide what types of vehicles you’d like to sell. Used cars are less expensive to invest in, so if you’re on a budget, you may want to start there. Do your research and find out which cars sell the best, what seasons bring the most car buying activity, and what kind of cars the competition is selling.

Consider Adding a Service Department

Having a service department is an additional cost, but it can be a boon to your business. With an on-site service department, you can more quickly recondition the cars that you procure for sale, and quick is key. Experts say that you stand to lose $28 each day that a car is being checked out and cleaned up for sale, so aim to get them on the lot in under 48 hours.

Having your own service department assures shoppers that any issues can be taken care of quickly and efficiently. If you can afford to, have a separate crew that focuses on reconditioning cars so that services for paying customers is not affected.

Hire a Great Staff

One tip that comes up over and over in the discussion of how to run a successful car dealership is that having quality employees is key. The business of selling cars should be customer-focused, so you’ll want to hire employees with a service mindset. Often, the only thing unique about a dealer is the service they offer, so strive to give the best experience. Disgruntled customers are never quiet about their bad experience, and happy customers are more likely come back.

The Benefits of Engineered Fabric Buildings for Car Dealerships

Car dealerships need to protect their investment, and at the same time, make customers the focus. Engineered fabric buildings from WeatherPort Shelter SystemsTM offer more flexibility and efficiency than traditional brick-and-mortar buildings.

Imagine converting a storage facility for cars into a state-of-the-art showroom with all its amenities. It could be a nightmare with a traditional building — construction noise and debris, moving of cars, and delays. WeatherPort’s engineered fabric buildings have helped car dealers in many ways, quickly establishing space for:

  • Spacious showrooms to display top inventory
  • Covered inventory storage on the lot
  • Vehicle inspection areas
  • Service areas
  • Covered parking for customers at the service department
  • Facilities for paint booths, welding, and detailing
  • Storage for inventory of parts
  • Sales offices

Customizable and Efficient Fabric Structures

Each WeatherPort fabric structure is designed according to customer specifications and engineered to meet local or international building codes for safety and durability. The setup time required for our engineered building systems is a fraction of the time required for construction of traditional or steel buildings, enabling you to build or expand your car dealership infrastructure and start selling cars quickly.

The flexible foundation requirements of our fabric structures mean that if your lot is level, you can set up your new car dealership facility on asphalt or concrete, as well as dirt, gravel, and sand. We supply anchoring solutions to secure your WeatherPort structure for safety on virtually any ground type. Your WeatherPort dealership building can be set up and left in place for decades of use as a permanent structure, or it can also be quickly and easily taken down and relocated should your dealership needs change, and done without the need for expensive construction crews.

Durable and Long-Lasting Protection for your Vehicles

The engineered fabric used in WeatherPort buildings offers greater abrasion resistance,. Our fabric buildings will last decades and are designed to withstand temperatures from -80 degrees to +130 degrees F, so your valuable inventory is protected.

The high strength aluminum and steel framing we use is engineered to meet any environmental or functional challenge that you face. WeatherPort offers three standard levels of corrosion protection and an optional powder coating as extra protection. No matter where you plan to set up shop, we’ve got you and your cars covered.

Increase Comfort and Energy Efficiency with Engineered Fabric Buildings

Stay focused on sales and your customer’s experience by choosing a WeatherPort fabric structures for your dealership building or expansion project. We offer many insulation systems designed to seamlessly integrate with all of our structures to meet any R-value and increase energy efficiency As a dealership owner, this means less costs to heat or cool your dealership facilities when summer temperatures soar and winter weather visits with bone chilling cold temperatures. Keep your customers (as well as sales and staff) comfortable and protected from the weather with engineered fabric buildings from WeatherPort!

Just like our integrated insulation systems, we also produce electrical systems designed for plug-and-play installation, saving you valuable time and money. This attention to detail means that you do not need to hire specialized electricians1 or foot the bill for expensive setup crews trained on setting up your fabric building and equipping it with a lighting and electrical system.


Engineered Fabric Structures are the Perfect Buildings for Your Dealership

Whether you’re looking to build a dealership facility or if you need supplemental structures for your dealership expansion project, WeatherPort has many building models to choose from and offers the unique ability to custom design a building solution that meets your exact dealership requirements. From our DAGB Series of heavy-duty, double arch gable buildings to create the ultimate dealership show room, to our Canopy Series of 10- to 20-foot wide outdoor canopies that are perfect for customer drop-off and delivery structures, our engineered fabric buildings will help you quickly turn the dream of building and owning a dealership into a reality.

Contact us today and speak to one of our friendly design specialists to get started!


¹ A certified electrician may be required to connect the electrical distribution panel to shore power or local power utility. Please check with your local or state requirements.

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