From tiny homes and office spaces to glamping, modern yurts have many unique applications. Their simple design, spacious floor plan, and high ceilings offer hundreds of possibilities for customization. 

If you’re an artist, setting up your studio space in a yurt can be extremely beneficial. Having a yurt as your art studio encourages inspiration, saves on expenses, and facilitates art storage. They can even provide a space for a gallery to show off your work to family and friends. 

Here’s how you can benefit from creating an art studio in your yurt.

More Room

With their wide-open floor plan, yurts provide a good amount of physical space to create and to store materials. Having a designated studio space helps you keep your living space free of art materials, and other supplies. These items won’t need to be transferred back and forth between rooms or buildings. They can simply stay set up or stored in your yurt studio.

Creating storage and organization solutions with yurts is easy. Adding space-saving elements such as floor-to-ceiling bookcases, and floating shelves, can help you make the most of what you have. Look into multi-use furniture such as desks with extra storage or expandable tables. This will help store your materials and keep your yurt organized and your workspace efficient.

Lower Cost and Greater Convenience

If you’re in a position to set up a yurt on your property, convenience and savings are additional benefits. With your art studio located on your property, you won’t have to pay rent in addition to your current responsibilities. Instead, you can simply walk a short distance from your main house to your separate artist studio. 

Allowing your studio to remain separate from your living space while still being close will make for a fast transition whenever inspiration strikes (even in the middle of the night!). 

You could also rent out your yurt to other artists and gain passive income. Or use it as a place to collaborate with others. Sharing material and a workspace can help you cut down on expenses.

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Studies have shown that working in a circular space, whether artistically or otherwise, is more conducive to productivity. Rounded edges and organic-looking design (rather than sharp, rigid angles) put the mind at ease, and can also spark more creativity. The round shape of the yurt as well as the innate sense of nature that often goes hand in hand with yurts can be the perfect solution to feeling stuck in a creative block. A yurt, removed from the stresses of your home or day job, can help you focus and channel your emotions into art.

Natural Lighting

Creativity thrives in natural light. One study from a design professor at Washington State University suggests that working on art in a natural environment with natural light can enhance your mood and boost your creativity and innovation.

Besides being great for your mental attitude, natural light is important to artists when viewing elements of their work such as color, texture, and overall design. Ask any artist if they’d rather work under bright fluorescent lights or in a large space filled with natural light — we bet they’ll choose the second option!

Great Acoustics

Are you a musician? Although you wouldn’t immediately think of them as efficient recording studios, yurts have certain elements that lend themselves to this purpose. The small, cozy space paired with high ceilings and fabric walls make for great acoustics with minimal sound reflection. You can even use your yurt for small, intimate performances to show family and friends the music you’ve been working on. 

Versatile Use

If your art studio is a yurt, you already have the perfect gallery space. A yurt is a great spot to exhibit your art and show it off to family and friends. The organic flow of the circular space is very cohesive to walking through and browsing art as you would in a typical gallery. Spice up your exhibition and add some hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and music for a small party showcasing your (or even someone else’s) latest work. Ultimately, the natural lighting also makes your yurt an excellent place to photograph your finished pieces.

Are you considering adding a yurt to your property, or creating a productive and inspiring artist studio out of a yurt? Luxury yurts from WeatherPort® are top-of-the-line structures that combine the classic functionality of traditional yurts with modern elements and endless options for customization. 

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