Yurts have been used as homes for centuries. Historically, yurt living began with Mongolian tribes in Central Asia in the fifth century B.C., resurfaced as a housing trend in the United States in the 1970s, and has regained popularity as part of the “tiny home movement,” largely through social media exposure. 

Modern yurts are much more customizable and comfortable than their historical ancestors. Yurts can sport skylights, big windows, running water, full kitchens, entertainment centers, and endless options for personalization. But yurts are being used for more than just housing,. Finding application as classrooms, fitness studios, glamping accommodations, retail shops, and more. Here are just some of the many unique uses for yurts.

Yurts for Tiny Homes

Tiny homes, or homes typically under 900 square feet, are gaining popularity through social media influencers and reality television shows. Living in a small space promotes a more eco-friendly, self-sustained, and minimalist lifestyle. More often than not, tiny home living also gives its residents more financial freedom and customization options. 

Yurts are an affordable, portable, and endlessly customizable tiny home option. Steel-framed yurts like the ones from WeatherPort are also extremely weather-resistant and provide top-of-the-line comfort and durability.

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Luxury Yurts for Glamping

If you want to surround yourself with nature but don’t want to sacrifice the comfort of a hotel, try glamping. Glamping combines the words “glamour” and “camping.” The idea of glamping is a way of camping that incorporates amenities and luxury accommodations.

Yurts are a unique alternative to tents or cabins and often are equipped with kitchens, fireplaces, indoor plumbing, and even entertainment systems so that you don’t have to choose between camping in the great outdoors and living lavishly.

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Yurts for Urban Getaways

Any location can become a great yurt getaway, not just rural areas or typical campsites. The portability and relatively low cost of adding a yurt to your property have opened up possibilities. People rent out their yurts through services such as Airbnb and earn passive income. 

You can find yurts to rent on urban farms or on properties very close to large cities. Depending on the level of accommodations and amenities, staying in a yurt can be a lot less expensive than reserving a hotel room, and make for a more memorable experience.

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Yurts as Art Studios

If you ever need to escape it all and focus on your artistic endeavors, yurts are a great option to bring out your creative side. Setting up your art studio in a yurt, tucked away from all distractions, can be the perfect solution to feeling stuck in a rut artistically. Some believe that working in a circular space is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but also more conducive to productivity, creativity, and a feeling of safety. At the end of your artistic journey, a yurt is a perfect space to throw an art exhibition par.

Yurts for Yoga and Fitness Studios

One up-and-coming trend is fitness instructors utilizing yurts for their classrooms and studios. Exercise classes such as yoga, pilates, weight training, Zumba, and more are beginning to find their homes in the round. 

Yurts can quickly be assembled compared to other prefabricated building solutions. Adding a yurt to your property or existing training location can be beneficial for fitness or yoga classes. The round design makes it easy for group classes to view instruction. The natural shape and lighting of yurts can help people feel more comfortable working out.

Additional yurts can find uses as spa facilities, such as massage centers, indoor hot tubs, and steam rooms or saunas for a relaxing post-workout experience.

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Yurts for Outdoor Adventure Businesses

The outdoor adventure business is a growing industry, with companies that provide guided zip line tours, river rafting, mountaineering, fishing, and more becoming popular for group outings, wedding parties, and family vacations. Yurts fit the vibe of these businesses perfectly, combining their outdoorsy aesthetic with their comfort and functionality. 

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Yurts for Classrooms

Yurts are not your typical classroom environment. As previously mentioned, their circular design and natural light instill positivity and encourage focus and creativity. Whether you’re hosting a safety course or a writer’s workshop, yurts are a unique alternative to the typical box design of modular classrooms.

Yurts for Small Retail Shops

With their small size and endless ways to organize and display products, yurts can be used as an effective on-site retail shop for outdoor businesses, vineyards and breweries, zoos, fairgrounds, theme parks, farmers markets, campgrounds, and more. In addition to selling gifts, specialty items, or small market items, yurts can also be a perfect location for an information booth or customer service center.

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Yurts for Food Stands

The size, shape, and accessibility of yurts provide elements of an ideal small food stand. Whether you’re selling ice cream to camp residents on a hot summer day, setting up an espresso stand drive-through using a yurt with a non-latticed window, or using your yurt as a farmers market booth, providing produce and flowers to visitors — food stands are another unique use for yurts.

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