How to Plan an Outdoor Concert With Fabric Structures

When you’re thinking about how to plan an outdoor concert, there are a lot of things to go over.

When going through your list, you’ll most likely be researching solutions for parking, ample bathrooms, and power supplies. Don’t forget about safe and sanitary kitchens for food vendors, a safe place for the main attraction — the band. 

Although a rain plan is always important with any outdoor concert planning. You shouldn’t need to worry about your stage cover standing up to any inclement weather. 

That’s why WeatherPort® Shelter Systems takes engineering seriously. We are going to make sure your outdoor concert structure will do its job so you can do yours. 

Make Sure You Have Enough Power Supply

Unless you’re planning a close-quarters acoustic concert, a power supply is a must. 

So while you’re planning your outdoor concert, make sure to discuss the power needs of each person. It’s never safe to assume what one will need. Each band member has their own instrument and equipment. 

Plus, if you have multiple bands, they may each have different needs as well. Then, you’ll also need to consider the power needs for lighting and each vendor. Check with every single person performing a task at your event to make sure you don’t experience any unfortunate interruptions. 

Lucky for you, WeatherPort’s structures can be equipped with lighting and electrical systems to simplify set up for outdoor concerts. 

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Outdoor Concert Structures Are a Must for Live Music

With the amount of effort that goes into planning an outdoor concert, one cannot risk inclement weather shutting everything down at the last minute.

For the safety of performers and their equipment, a trustworthy stage cover is a must. Stage covers from WeatherPort allow you to plan outdoor concerts without worrying too much about adverse weather conditions. 

WeatherPort stage covers feature sturdy fabric membranes that offer superior weather resistance against heavy rain, snow, high winds, and more. Furthermore, they can be set up for single use or remain in place as a year-round venue. 

WeatherPort designs outdoor stage covers to be highly portable and easy to install. This is the case whether they are 8 feet wide, 150 feet wide, or anything in between. 

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Branded Canopies Get Your Messaging Across

While planning an outdoor concert, sponsorships are critical in financing the event. What better way to honor your sponsors than to showcase their names on branded canopies

WeatherPort is one of only a couple of manufacturers with the capability to print high-quality messaging directly onto our tensioned fabric structures. No need to waste time zip-tying banners in place when the message or logo is directly  on the outdoor canopy itself. 

Our heavy-duty outdoor canopies are available in a wide range of sizes and stand out from the flimsy pop-up canopies. Furthermore, canopy structures from WeatherPort come in a wide variety of fabric colors with the option for custom printing. You can even weatherize your canopy by adding side-curtains and powder coating the frame.

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Concert Halls Create the Atmosphere You’ve Been Imagining

If you’re looking to further your outdoor concert experience, WeatherPort’s concert hall structures create the perfect atmosphere. 

There are many benefits to choosing fabric structures for your concert hall rather than traditional building materials. To start, WeatherPort’s fabric concert halls can be set up and operational in a fraction of the time compared to typical construction methods. 

In comparison, structures made from brick and mortar, metal, and tilt-up concrete slabs, require months to complete construction. Fabric structures from WeatherPort save time and provide a cost-effective solution for quickly enclosing an outdoor stage. 

Moreover, WeatherPort’s concert halls are customizable to meet your specific concert hall requirements. The open-span interior architecture, engineering expertise, and customization options set WeatherPort apart from other prefabricated building solutions.

Transform any open space into a concert hall capable of entertaining thousands of guests. Concert halls from WeatherPort can be between 8 feet wide and 150 feet wide. 

These features allow you to meet the demands for enclosing most outdoor stages with a heavy-duty and long-lasting stage cover. 

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Wedding Tents Keep the Party Grooving

When planning an outdoor wedding or party, it’s easy to imagine a perfect day where everything goes according to plan. 

But any event planner will tell you to expect the unexpected. Rather than counting on the weather to behave, incorporate a wedding tent into your plans. 

There are differing views on whether rain signifies good luck or bad omens; but a truly successful wedding day comes down to careful preparation. 

WeatherPort’s fabric structures can turn any outdoor event into a beautiful and memorable setting. Enjoy the views and outdoor breeze without having to worry about the chance of rain. 

When it comes to entertainment, the performers will appreciate your consideration. Whether you hire a DJ or a band, both depend on their equipment for their careers. Not many gigs pay enough to cover the cost of replacing equipment that could be ruined with rain. 

To keep your wedding celebration running smoothly, plan ahead and equip your venue with a wedding tent or outdoor event structure.

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WeatherPort Is Ready to Bring Your Outdoor Concert to Life

If you are planning for an outdoor concert, be sure to ask the venue if they have a deployable and heavy-duty outdoor structures or stage covers. If not, have them give WeatherPort a call at 970-399-5909.

Every WeatherPort shelter system is made in the USA by hard-working Americans and handcrafted using the highest-quality materials available. Our outdoor event structures, stage covers, and wedding tents are engineered to meet specific wind and snow loads outlined by local and international building code for long-lasting durability and safety. 

No other portable stage cover, concert hall, branded canopy, or wedding tent comes close to the high performance of WeatherPort’s fabric structures. Our high-quality fabric buildings have been field-tested and proven by thousands of customers in over 85 countries around the world!

Rely on our 50-plus years of proven excellence by contacting WeatherPort today!

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