How a New Fabric Building Can Benefit Your Ski Resort

With winter weather approaching and a particularly bountiful ski season in store for much of the United States and Canada, it’s time to plan ahead and get your cabins and ski resort facilities ready for guests. Rather than building a permanent structure on your property, consider implementing a high-quality fabric structure from WeatherPort. Here are a few benefits of adding a tensioned-fabric building to your ski resort:

Deploy The Structure Anywhere

Fabric structures have the ability to be deployed on nearly any surface – including snowpack. A fantastic alternative to wood or metal buildings, setup is easy and strike times are short. Each building comes with its own small cube storage design built-in, making it easy to store away once the warm weather comes back in the spring.

Each WeatherPort Ski Resort Solution can be further outfitted with optional design elements such as additional insulation, HVAC and electrical systems, as well as the ability to safely use traditional heating methods such as oil, electrical, and wood stoves. Plus, adding onto your existing structure is easy, negating the need to purchase a larger facility when special events or increased attendance drive expansion.

Save Money on Energy Costs<

Did you know that a fabric warming hut, rental shop, or ski lodge can actually save you money in the long run? With sophisticated materials and environmentally-conscious design, a WeatherPort fabric building could be the answer to your winter energy bill woes. It’s not cheap to run a ski resort, as reports have shown, so cutting costs at the facilities and maintenance level could save you thousands of dollars over the life of your building.

Looking to further insulate and protect your fabric building? Added insulation systems will keep generated air in and bitter cold air out. WeatherPort buildings can be insulated to any R-value without utilizing a significantly increased volume of material compared to other fabric building or fiberglass systems.

Multipurpose and Functional

Just because you use your fabric building during the winter means it should go back to storage with the rest of your gear. Thanks to WeatherPort’s small cube storage design and ease of installation, repurposing your facilities for summer events, recreational activities, and even exhibitions is possible and easy to do.

Should your needs change mid-season and you need to use your WeatherPort building for another purpose, our building representatives can walk you through the process to ensure the needs of your organization and your customers are met in full. Adding an electrical system or expanding an entryway are possible – many times without involving a specialist at all.

Contact a WeatherPort building specialist today to discuss your plan for the future and find out how we can help make it a reality. Use the contact form or call +1-970-399-5909 today!

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