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6 Reasons to Buy a Swimming Pool Enclosure

Pool winterizing season is just around the corner. Are you ready to transform the centerpiece of your outdoor activities area from a beautiful blue oasis into a half-filled hole in the ground that attracts debris like dead leaves?

At WeatherPort Shelter Systems™, we’ve got a better solution. By investing in one of our durable, attractive swimming pool enclosures you can forget about the annual expense and effort that goes into shutting down your pool and reopening it a few months later.

When you choose WeatherPort, you’re choosing:

pool-enclosure-snowYear-round swimming
Whether you have a residential pool, a public pool or an outdoor swimming area at a resort or hotel, swimming pool enclosures provide sheltered interior environments for year-round swimming.

Increased Safety
With sidewalls, end panels, doors and windows, pool enclosures provide an increased level of safety and security. These are ideal structures for parks, hotels, families with children or pool owners who spend time away from home.

More Privacy
WeatherPort tensioned membranes prevent the prying eyes of nosy neighbors and passersby from watching you when you swim.

Cleaner water
Pool-Enclosure-Heavy-Gable-Building-HGBPool enclosures keep out leaves, insects and other debris. This cuts down on the amount of time and energy you have to spend to provide a pristine swimming environment.

Reduced chemical use
Sunlight’s UV rays burn off chlorine in your pool water, forcing you to add more expensive chemicals for safe swimming. WeatherPort membranes block UV rays and help you save money that would be spent on chemicals.

Lower maintenance costs
In addition to reduced chemical use, swimming pool enclosures can save you money on maintenance expenses like cleaning, replacing faded or ripped liners and balancing pH levels.

For more information or to order your pool enclosure today, call +1-970-399-5909, email or contact us online.

4 Responses to “6 Reasons to Buy a Swimming Pool Enclosure”

  1. rise wendt says:

    I am looking for an enclosure for my pool, approximately 30 ft. by 15ft.

  2. Sharon Elleen says:

    Nice to read. So useful and informative tip for my swimming pool. Many thanks for sharing them all.

  3. Brenda Clark says:

    Installing a swimming pool enclosure is meant for lowering your pool maintenance cost. It prevents dust, leaves, insects and other kinds of debris. It makes your water clean throughout the year. It also maintains privacy and offers more safety and security. Due to the enclosure, there is a less requirement of chlorine as the pool does not get enough ultraviolet rays of the sun. So, you don’t have to add chemicals in the pool frequently, which could help you save money.

  4. Retrick Kurt says:

    Very good article.

    Modern, durable swimming pool enclosures are a great addition to your home and lifestyle. With the addition of a swimming pool enclosure, you can enjoy a 12-month pool.

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