We’ve all been spending a lot more time around the house this summer. With vacations and other summer activities delayed or cancelled, finding a way to relax without leaving home is a struggle. 

One idea is to turn your backyard into an oasis; an escape without leaving your property, and a place to unwind without traveling. Here are some ways to use portable engineered fabric structures. Greenhouses, shade structures, and gazebos are a perfect way to create a backyard oasis.

Urban Farming

Now is the perfect time to start a garden or take up urban farming. Urban farming, also known as backyard farming, is the process of transforming your porch or backyard into a thriving garden. 

In addition to small garden boxes, a backyard greenhouse can be utilized to grow year-round fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Backyard greenhouses and greenhouse kits from WeatherPort® Shelter Systems are easy to set up and are engineered to meet all building safety codes. 

Pick from several sizes depending on the space you have available, and customize the greenhouse’s layout to your liking. You can either take down the greenhouse at the end of the growing season, or keep veggies growing year-round. WeatherPort’s greenhouses are durable and weather-resistant.

Outdoor Dining Spot

Eating at the dinner table night after night can become a boring routine — so why not mix it up a bit? Take advantage of warm summer evenings and create a charming outdoor dining space. 

You won’t need to wait for the sun to go down if you use a covered shade structure or cabana. Set up your shade structure in your backyard and add different elements. String lights, outdoor chairs, bistro tables, or a fire pit create a welcoming environment to spice up your evening meals. 

Open-Air Yoga or Meditation Studio

One way to really relax and slow down is to practice meditation or yoga. Controlled breathing and meditation have been proven to reduce stress and increase productivity; which is much needed for the times we’re living in. 

Finding a good space inside your home to shut out household obligations and tune in to practice yoga or meditate can be nearly impossible, especially if you live with kids or in a small space. 

WeatherPort’s cabanas and gazebos can make great use of your backyard by creating a designated, peaceful space for you to destress. Bring a portable speaker out to play soothing music and grab your yoga mat. These fabric structures are easy to set up, made of the highest-quality materials. They can protect you from unexpected showers so that you can practice your deep breathing regardless of the weather. 

Poolside Structures

If you’re lucky enough to already have a pool or hot tub outside of your house, you’re already halfway to having an outdoor oasis. 

Add a pool enclosure or portable engineered cabana, gazebo, or canopy poolside to provide a spot for much needed shade. Store things such as your cooler with drinks and snacks, extra towels, lawn chairs, and portable speakers under the shade structure to ensure your pool experience is hotel-worthy. 

Have a hot tub? You could also set up a structure over your hot tub to allow for year-round, weather-resistant enjoyment.

Outdoor Work-From-Home Space

Many more people than ever before have left the office to work from home, and may find it easy to get distracted, especially if they don’t have a set office space in their house.

Why not embrace the beautiful summer weather and set up a shade structure to create an outdoor work-from-home space? 

Studies have proven that fresh air increases a worker’s ability to process information and make strategic decisions. Direct sunlight on your laptop can cause awful glare, so setting up shop under a shade structure is in your best interest. Consider a portable charger or power bank to keep your electronics charged outside, and invest in some comfortable and easy-to-clean outdoor furniture to create the perfect outdoor office space.

WeatherPort has several options that can easily help you create your perfect outdoor oasis! From our backyard greenhouse kits to our portable shade structures and gazebos, you’ll be able to find the perfect durable and customizable tensioned fabric structure for your backyard. Contact us today to get started, or start custom-designing our own 10′ x 10′ WeatherPort canopy now!


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