Tired of Sitting and Waiting? Hunt from WeatherPort®’s Ground Blind

Stalking big game such as deer is fun for every hunter. However, it is draining to hike and be on the constant lookout. For greater comfort and ease, hunt in a ground blind. It is a fully enclosed shelter that allows hunters to shoot through the windows. The camouflage fabric blends the fabric building into your surroundings.

Utilize your ground blind by choosing the best placement. Set it up on a hill to have a downward view of approaching deer and big game. Place the ground blind near trees and shrubbery to blend into the natural surroundings.

You don’t want any approaching deer to become startled and run away as you are making your shot. Before setting up your blind, clear the area of everything that would crack and crinkle if stepped on.

After you have set-up the ground blind, cover your scent with baking powder, estrus secretions or doe urine.

Then wait in comfort inside your hunting ground blind. The WeatherPort™ ground blind will protect you from the elements year round to meet your wind and snow load requirements.

WeatherPort can be used commercially or privately. Contact WeatherPort™ at 866-984-7778 or send in an online inquiry form to learn more about WeatherPort’s hunting ground blind.

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