Parking lot structures are used to create covered parking spaces intended to protect vehicles as well as keep customers, employees, and executives comfortable from unfavorable weather conditions. Whether it’s saving a windshield from baseball-sized hail or saving someone from having to sit on a blistering hot leather seat that has been baking all day in the relentless summer sun, covered parking spaces go a long way toward making your location more attractive than the competitor’s open-air parking lot.

Parking lot structures from WeatherPort® offer garage and parking lot owners the ability to custom design an engineered fabric structure that offers superior and long-lasting protection from the elements. They can be designed as individual carports or large fabric structures that enclose entire parking lots or cover the top floor of parking garages. WeatherPort parking lot structures are quick to setup, can be securely anchored to asphalt or concrete, and durable for year-round use or easily taken down and stored seasonally.

Parking Lot Structures Protect From…


Hailstorms can rear their heads in a matter of seconds, often on the seemingly calmest of days. The damage they leave is unmistakable. Ice balls as small as dimes and as large as softballs can shatter windows and leave the hood and roof of your car pockmarked and disfigured beyond repair. Less severe hailstorms can still chip paint and crack windshields with ease. The only way to protect against hailstorms is to offer guests covered parking spaces.

To put a number to the amount of damage caused by hailstorms, U.S. insurance companies paid out over $54 billion in hail damage claims between 2000 and 2013.


Sun exposure harms vehicles. The endless barrage of sun will eventually cause paint to crack, chip, bubble, and peel. While regular waxing can help mitigate the damage, it will not prevent it. Darker colors are more susceptible to damage, but all colors will eventually fade with continued exposure to the sun. The same goes for different car parts: fenders, bumpers, luggage racks, and mirror covers are all equally at risk.

The combination of heat and ultraviolet radiation takes a heavy toll on the interior of vehicles, as well. The dashboard gets the longest exposure to sunlight, and the windshield only magnifies this heat. If you’re lucky, the dashboard of your vehicle may only fade. More often, however, the dash’s materials will begin to split and crack over time.

Sun exposure also damages the leather upholstery in vehicles. In addition to fading colors, heat and sunlight dry out the leather’s natural oils, causing it to stiffen and eventually crack. Treating the leather will slow this process.

Rain and Moisture

More than an inconvenience, rain and moisture promote rust. Although this will not happen overnight, simply being in a humid environment contributes to oxidation. While being under a shelter in the rain will not eliminate the development of rust, it will dramatically slow it down.

Fabric Structures Make the Perfect Parking Lot Structure

Constructed with either high-strength galvanized steel or aircraft-grade aluminum frame systems and a rugged tensile fabric membrane, all WeatherPort™ fabric structures are engineered to meet local building codes for safety and durability.

WeatherPort fabric structures undergo extensive field and laboratory testing to ensure the highest degree of quality. The WeatherPort 10’ x 10’ canopy is designed to endure winds over 90 miles per hour! The architectural membranes are proprietary and engineered provide a higher resistance to mold, mildew, and abrasion compared to other tensioned membranes. They will not rot, and exceed the fire safety requirements outlined in the California Code of Regulations for membrane structures.

Parking lot structures made from WeatherPort fabric structures can be designed from a large selection of building models. Our engineered fabric buildings start at 8’ wide and can be custom designed up to 150’ wide, to any height or length.

Create the perfect parking lot structure by equipping a WeatherPort building systems with an assortment of windows, doors, garage doors, and openings with roll-up or removable curtains. Most WeatherPort parking lot structures can be insulated, heated or cooled, and equipped with lighting and electrical systems just like you would do with a typical building! Offer guests and their vehicles an unmatched degree of safety, convenience, and protection by working with a WeatherPort building specialist to custom design a parking lot structure!

Advantages of Parking Lot Structures from WeatherPort

Parking lot structures from WeatherPort have an aesthetically pleasing design. The unique style and degree of customization available from WeatherPort fabric structures allows garage and parking lot owners to create truly one-of-a-kind parking lot structures that stand out from typical canopy structures, carports, vehicle enclosures, or other parking lot structures.

In addition to the many benefits already listed, WeatherPort parking lot structures provide the following and additional advantages:

  • Engineered for rapid assembly with minimal skill, fabric structures from WeatherPort do not require expensive setup crews, supervisors, or special contractors.
  • WeatherPort structures are designed with free span interiors, eliminating the need for support columns – perfect for maximizing interior space to create more parking!
  • Create an eye-catching design with the largest selection of fabric colors, patterns, as well as the ability to print your company logo, name, parking space numbers, or other attractive designs with our in-house printing capability!

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