Ditch Your Old Tent before Hunting Season

If you’re a serious hunter, you’ve either been high-altitude elk hunting or have been dreaming of doing it one day. But you’ve got a problem: your camp tent probably isn’t going to cut it in extreme cold situations.

We’ve all got stories that pertain to our hunting tent: that elk you bagged 20 years ago, the time your son forgot to stake down one side and the wind kicked up, or simply that you inherited yours from your grandfather and you don’t want to give it up. That’s all understandable and make for great stories around the campfire, but the safer, warmer, and more secure option is to upgrade your hunting tent to a WeatherPort Outdoor/SportPort Camp Tent.

Born in the Rocky Mountains, our camp tents have the strength and reliability of a 50-year old family-owned business behind them. They’ve proven themselves time and time again as rugged and tough enough to withstand the harsh elements that come naturally with life in the Rocky Mountains.

Easy to pack, easier to set up, and most importantly, tough enough to thrive in those late-season elk camps at high altitudes and cold temperatures.

Make no mistake: ours aren’t your typical hunting tent. You won’t find WeatherPort in your generic big-box sporting goods store situated among the thin fabric tents with the aluminum poles. The framework on our camp tents is made from galvanized steel, ensuring there won’t be an accidental bend when transporting or if something falls onto the structure while it’s erect. We use the best available material to construct each of our tents because they’re built to last and perform to any task.

Have you ever tried pounding flimsy tent stakes into the ground and they bent over half way in? Have you ever staked your tent down to only come back and find it wrapped around a tree?  Our WeatherPort hunting tents use a 3/8” diameter steel stake that come 12” plus lengths.  Try bending these over with a hammer as you drive them into the earth!  If you plan to use your shelter on a more developed surface we also offer sturdy lag bolts for wood and wedge concrete anchors.

Compromising on your camp tent isn’t a smart choice for a smart hunter and the last thing you want to worry about is fighting with your camp tent on setup day. Contact WeatherPort today and order the last hunting tent you’ll ever need.

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