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What happens when you combine the latest engineering principles, ingenuity, and 50 years of experience providing the most enduring fabric building systems, with a dedicated team based in Colorado that share an affinity and love for the great outdoors?

You get a new style of luxury yurts from WeatherPort Shelter Systems! Our modern yurts combine the time-tested concept of a Mongolian “ger” (yurt) with the latest engineering principles and manufacturing methods to produce a building solution that will outlast and outperform all other yurts on the market. No other yurt manufacturer produces a building system capable of withstanding the same wind and snow loads as our yurt structures. It’s an advanced frame of mind – the world’s first and only steel frame yurt!

Campground and resort owners seeking to provide guests with a unique experience or individuals wanting the ability to connect with their surroundings, and leave behind their daily routines will find the WeatherPort Yurt the perfect vacation retreat or “home away from home”.

Get started by contacting us to discuss making your dreams of owning or living in a yurt a reality! A friendly WeatherPort building specialist will gladly answer questions and help you design a luxury yurt! Call us at (970) 399-5909 or click the button below to request a free consultation!

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When we set out to design a modern yurt, capable of meeting specific wind and snow loads for safety, while combining the advanced features and award-winning benefits people love about WeatherPort structures, we had no idea how popular our steel frame yurt would be! The response has been amazing, to say the least!

Our yurts have been used around the world for the following:

  • KOA Campgrounds (WeatherPort is an official vendor!)
  • Private Cabins or Vacation Homes
  • Tiny Homes, Tiny Living, and Off-Grid Living
  • Wilderness Resorts and Eco-Adventure Tours
  • Rental Shops and Luxury Guest Accommodations for Ski Resorts & Lodges
  • Fishing, Hunting, and Guide Outfitting Camps

Our modern and luxury yurts offer a clear-span interior, maximizing the use of interior space. And unlike metal building kits that claim to be “yurts” but are just a hexagon-shaped metal building with a metal roof, the WeatherPort yurt maintains the sense and feel of yurt living, while providing modern-day conveniences and safety features.


We offer a large selection of yurt sizes and customizable features to make your WeatherPort yurt truly a one-of-a-kind! The WeatherPort Yurt is available in the following sizes:

Yurt Loft System

Have ‘lofty’ ideas? Our engineers and designers have been hard at work developing a loft system that integrates beautifully with the WeatherPort yurt structure, turning your 1-story yurt into a 2-story retreat! When not in use, simply fold up the ladder with the hinged ladder system. You’ll find the increased living space is perfect for tiny home living or off-grid living, while reducing the overall footprint of your luxury yurt!

Windows & Doors

Gone are the olden days of wood lattice obstructing your beautiful and expansive views. WeatherPort yurts rely on the engineering of our high-strength steel frame system, giving our customers the ability to custom design a yurt with a large assortment of window and door options. We use energy-efficient, sliding glass windows to increase natural light and ventilation. Enjoy the painting like view of the changing leaves over a hot cup of coffee on those chilly Fall mornings from the safety and comfort of your WeatherPort yurt! For more rustic yurt applications, we also offer our clear fabric windows!

Venting Dome Skylight

Enjoy natural light with our 36” acrylic dome skylight with actuator, which allows hot air to escape out the top and cooler air to enter through windows and doors on the sidewalls.

Insulation Systems

Plan to keep your yurt up year-round or use seasonally during the winter? Create a comfortable yurt living space with WeatherPort’s proprietary EnerLayer™ insulation system, capable of meeting any R-Value to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Lighting & Electrical Systems

We understand our customer’s needs when it comes to setting up a yurt in a beautiful and remote location. In such cases, there may not be an electrician readily available, so we have designed many plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems that do not require hiring an electrician. These systems are designed to work perfectly with your WeatherPort yurt. Be sure to ask about our energy-efficient LED lighting options!

Choose Your Yurt Fabric Colors

Whether you want your luxury yurt to blend in with the beauty of the environment and its surroundings or stand out and be noticed, WeatherPort offers a large assortment of standard fabric colors to choose from. Select a single solid color or specify multiple colors and tell us what pattern would make your WeatherPort yurt the perfect retreat!

Powder Coating Color Choices

Luxury yurts from WeatherPort come standard with powder coated frames for added protection against corrosion, as well as for aesthetics. The default powder coating color is gray. This color compliments the white interior liner, directing your attention to expansive views outside or colorful decorations inside your Yurt. Should you wish to choose a different powder coating color, we offer the following colors:

Our fabrics are UV stabilized, will not rot, are mold and mildew resistant, flame resistant, exceed California’s Code of Regulations (CCR) for membrane structures codes, and will provide decades of use and protection from harsh and extreme weather! We have customers that have used their original architectural membranes for more than 30 years!

Let’s work together and design the ultimate luxury yurt! A friendly WeatherPort building specialist will guide you through every step of the design process to create the yurt of your dreams! Contact us today by calling (970) 399-5909 or clicking the button below to request a free consultation!

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  • Yurt Dimensions:
  • Engineered to meet specific wind and snow loads of your location
  • 36″ acrylic dome skylight with actuator
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • 36″ w x 80″ h personal door with window and covered awning
  • 24″ w x 48” h sliding glass windows with screens
  • Cover & liner set, kedered
  • EnerlayerTM Insulation, kedered (optional)
  • Loft with ¾” finished wood decking and hinged ladder system (optional)
  • Flooring systems and decking (optional)


Rely on our unmatched experience, providing engineered fabric buildings and luxury yurts to more than 65 countries! Thousands of customers worldwide have been successfully served by WeatherPort, custom designing yurts and fabric buildings to meet their specific building requirements.

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