WeatherPort Event Structure Solution for the Bible Baptist Church of Puyallup

Founded in the late 1970s, Bible Baptist Church in Puyallup is a very active church that enjoys having fellowship dinners, picnics, and other sorts of gatherings on the church grounds. Pastor Marvin McKenzie wanted to utilize the outside courtyard area more and contacted WeatherPort to provide a building solution.

“Our original buildings were designed in a ‘U’ shape, providing a courtyard area of outdoor fellowships and gatherings,” McKenzie said. “Of course, being in the Pacific Northwest, the weather often prevents us from using the courtyard area as much as we would like.”

Pastor McKenzie worked with a building specialist to find a structure that would be easy to install, provide plenty of space, and serve as a great multipurpose covered area. McKenzie was ecstatic with the level of service provided by his building specialist.

“After many months of conversations (thanks for your patience with me) we settled on a 20’x60’ WeatherPort Jubilee event structure. They helped me with the selection of colors that complimented our current facilities and even helped me secure the contractor for the concrete pad we wanted to place the structure on. “

McKenzie said a three-man crew assembled the structure in about fifteen hours using easy-to-follow instructions.

“It was not difficult to do, required only a few specialized tools and no real heavy lifting. It took longer to pour the concrete slabs and sidewalk that are around it than it took to build the building.”

The event structure is now being used as a play area for the Christian school as well as wedding receptions, church banquets, a welcome area, and even Sunday school classes.

“One of the first reactions our people observed was how well it tied our facilities together,” McKenzie said. “It’s nice to have that covered area on those rainy Northwest days. Love this thing. It’s a great, great product!”

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