Modern Field Station Fabric Structures for Prehistoric Dinosaur Theme Park

Field Station: Dinosaurs is a fun and educational dinosaur-based theme camp designed for families with children, with locations in both New Jersey and Kansas. With full-size, scientifically accurate animatronic dinosaurs, live shows, and interactive exhibits, it’s no wonder that Fodor’s named Field Station: Dinosaurs one of the best spots for dinosaur fans in the world.

The Kansas location, specifically, features 40 live shows throughout the park every day, the first Hilo Challenge Dome in the United States, a dinosaur-themed miniature golf course, and a Paleontologists’ Laboratory, where kids can dig for real fossils.

Most of these attractions take place outdoors, which can become a problem during the hot Kansas summers, so Field Station: Dinosaurs needed shelters to provide shade and refuge from the heat.

Whereas the first shelter would serve as a shady lunch area for families to rest and recharge, the second needed to provide a large area for VIP experiences and other events. For this space, aesthetics were paramount. They planned to place the structure on top of a hill overlooking the entire park. It would be visible from anywhere, and they wanted something that was not only nice to be inside but also nice to look at from afar.

The most important factor in the decision was that the structures meet their needs for quality and customization.

WeatherPort® custom-designs fabric structures to meet customers’ exact building and performance needs, as well as engineers structures to meet local or international building codes for safety and durability. For businesses like Field Station: Dinosaurs, WeatherPort also offers the ability to print logos and graphics in near-magazine quality anywhere on their buildings.

However, what won Field Station: Dinosaurs over was the WeatherPort team.

“I met them down at a conference,” explained Guy Gsell. “They were really flexible. They worked with us on any changes. They are really good listeners. They are very communicative.  Even after the yurt was sold they stayed in touch to make sure everything was working well.”

For the lunch area, we worked together to design a covered pavilion with a 30-by-60 DAGB Series structure with a custom brand sign across the top.

For the structure on the hill, they went with a 30-foot WeatherPort yurt with custom colors and climate controls.

Guy Gsell couldn’t be happier with their new WeatherPort structures: “People love the yurt. The round shape gives a really nice warm feeling inside. People love the climate control as well. We use it as a classroom and for cocktail parties. It works great!”

The pavilion serves its purpose and more. In addition to providing shade and shelter, the branding on top has helped people see it from the road.

“It ended up being kind of like a billboard for us as well!”

Overall, both structures vastly improved the quality of the experience for customers at Field Station: Dinosaurs. They plan to purchase more WeatherPort structures in the future!

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