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About Weatherport

WeatherPort™ makes the best fabric buildings in the world. How we do it is simple. We use field-tested designs and expert engineering and we talk to clients about what they need. We’ve followed this successful business model for decades.

WeatherPort founder Clayton H. “Sweede” Hansen created his first structure in 1968 because he wanted to protect his vehicles from harsh winter weather in Gunnison, Colorado. The shelter worked better than other products on the market and a family business was born.

In the beginning we were Hansen-WeatherPort Corp., a local company focused on creating fabric shelters for use in and around Colorado. Alaska Structures® CEO Richard Hotes, who later purchased WeatherPort, helped us expand our production schedule and create more rugged fabric buildings for a wide range of applications. Now people, companies and governments in every climate around the world use WeatherPort fabric structures.

Our success isn’t an accident. People who value quality and experience choose WeatherPort. We’ve seen imitators come and go, but we’re still here because nobody outworks us or matches our designs, engineering or customer service.

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