WeatherPort® Canopy, Gable and Adventure Camp Styles Meet the Needs of Glacier Tours

We understand that glacier tours vary in skill level and duration. For that reason, we provide a variety of fabric structures to meet your needs. Examples of WeatherPort™ models are detailed below.


The WeatherPort canopy is ideal for protecting guests from the hot sun and rain while they take a breather during their day-hike. These structures are easy to set-up and take down each season. For longer hikes, you can place one at each rest stop. Every canopy has color and configuration options to match your brand and tour group size.


A WeatherPort™ Gable can be used as a communal area for training, equipment storage, a kitchen and dining facilities for extended stays. Depending on your area’s building codes, the gable can be a permanent or portable structure. Every gable has rapid-deployment capability and easy-take-down for seasonal use. If you plan on using the WeatherPort for seasonal use, there are a range of containers for ease of storage.

Adventure Camp

Camping in cold climates is draining on even the most seasoned hikers. A WeatherPort adventure camp will bring a welcome comfort. Our engineers set the standard for the fabric building industry. Each shelter is designed to handle your area’s specific wind and snow loads and for durability. For that reason, WeatherPort shelters have been in high-intensity locations such as Mt. Everest for over 20 years.

If you want a structure that has not been described above, please contact a WeatherPort representative. We can work with you to design your ideal adventure camp. Contact WeatherPort at +1 (866) 984-7778, or send in an href=””>online inquiry form to learn more.


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    WeatherPort Shelter Systems™ (WP) is a Colorado based business that custom-designs high-performance fabric buildings for any application. Our custom-built structures offer an unmatched level of portability and long-lasting durability. Since opening our doors in 1968, we have successfully produced and delivered engineered fabric structures to more than 85 countries!

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